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  • thetimehascomethewalrussaid thetimehascomethewalrussaid Jun 25, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    What you should know about the Anatabloc/anatabione studies

    If you go to the .gov trial site you will find that there are three trials involving Anatabloc/anatabine. They are:
    First Alzheimers:
    STATUS: “on-going” and “recruiting.” CONDITION: ALZHEIMER’s.
    ASSUMPTION – that due to the nature of Alzheimer’s, the trial will be “On-going” for years. One also can assume that if there were not good results they would not still be studying anatabine’s effect on Alzheimer’s for years
    Next Rosacea.
    STATUS: “active not recruiting.”CONDITION Rosacea.
    ASSUMPTION : The trial will soon be completed and results will assembled and released probably sometime this summer.
    Finally Thyroid, or more specifically: “Evaluating the Dietary Supplement Anatabloc in Thyroid Health-ASAP (Antabloc Supplementation Autoimmune Prevention)” CONDITION: “Thyroiditis, Autoimmune”
    STATUS: “Completed”
    ASSUMPTION: Results should be released very soon.
    What is important to consider for the thyroid study is that it also includes the autoimmune effects which would have far-reaching consequences beyond just thyroid diseases.
    Lately we have seen very little in the way of research on Star. One has to assume that reports are being worked on and awaiting the release of the thyroid study. One could further assume that Dr Ladenson is also waiting for the data to introduce anatabine to the medical community.
    Bare in mind that this is a US Government website and information must be accurate or penalties would be imposed.

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