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  • izof_texas izof_texas Jun 27, 2013 11:07 PM Flag

    SMHOL (shaking my head out loud)

    It is undeniable fact that Star's anatabine citrate compound is now helping hundreds if not thousands with, and will likely help millions more in the future with autoimmune thyroiditis, and that this is THE FIRST such treatment for this lifelong disease.

    There is considerable anecdotal evidence that Star's anatabine citrate compound may also become the first treatment for the tens of millions of people who have sight-robbing macular degeneration.

    It is undeniable fact that Star's anatabine citrate compound is helping many and can help millions more people lower their overall degree of excess body-over inflammation, as indicated by the C-RP inflammatory marker/test. The scientific community more and more sees this as an ESSENTIAL goal in improving health, especially in the elderly, those with diabetes (in which anatabine seems to work particularly well), and the same is true of many other diseases. In other words here TOO we are talking about TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE in the U.S. alone.

    It is undeniable fact that in these and other instances, ONLY Star's anatabine citrate compound has a continually-proven (by thousands of users ongoing for two years now), unparalleled safety record. THAT IN TURN simply reflects the undeniable fact that for more than a century hundreds of millions of persons were subject to blood levels of anatabine which equal or exceed those of the recommended dose of Star's anatabine citrate compound, ADULT LIFELONG, with no report of problems attributable to anatabine (THAT took place in a form, tobacco, that masked most, but not all, the good that anatabine did).


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    • ACH! vierzig gefälschte!

    • So with that said, should I meet up with AF in Boston this weekend? I am going to a SOX game. He would probably hide under his desk. LOL!!!!

    • Deluded fool! A 70 year old on a kid's board, acting like he is a big deal. I feel sorry for you!!! Loser!!!! keep spinning your junk! Words are cheap. A company's actions tell the story and this is a losing proposition. Any sane person knows.....just sayin.

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      Because of crucial differences (mechanical trauma versus chemical or biological simulation/stimulation) in the mouse model for traumatic brain injury (TBI) when contrasted to the mouse model methods for diseases, the mouse model test of Star's anatabine citrate compound showing efficacy in prevention of and recovery from brain injury due to mechanical trauma has a VERY high likelihood of translating into the same kind of preventive/treatment activity in the brains of EVERY person who takes the compound ... up to seven BILLION of us.

      There is strong anecdotal evidence and some pre-clinical evidence that Star's anatabine citrate compound will be helpful in numerous other diseases, some serious if not "dreaded".

      (The things that anatabine citrate, including the cream form for rosacea, has done for me probably deserve the term "miraculous".)

      In light of these truths, I cannot imagine myself for ANY reason lobbying against the success of Star Scientific in bringing these facts to the fore in the medical and consumer communities, even if I WERE invested in big pharma concerns that stand to be hurt to a degree. (The cure there is to simply put your money where the future is.)


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      • Amen, Eyes. I'm thrilled some of your improvements border on the miraculous. I can only say that the changes I experience are all moderate and for the better, as I had nothing terribly wrong with me before I began taking A-bloc. However, if I were a basher, my experience would be what would terrify me. If people are willing to pay $80/bottle just for the general health improvements, the shorts are crushed--sooner or later. For my part, I just continue to buy the stock whenever I can. Thanks again for your powerful testimony.

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      Further, I cannot imagine any successful argument that persons who DO so lobby should be accorded even a modicum of respect, much less admiration.

      Especially disturbing are the "people" who come here and so lobby incessantly and, simultaneously, incessantly unsuccessfully and with insincerity (ignoring corrections to their misrepresentations, for example).

      I cannot imagine myself going to web sites of "our big pharma rivals" and mouthing off incessantly there to try to denigrate their wares (anatabine will do THAT job, anyway, as do their page-long laundry lists of side effects).

      I certainly cannot imagine I'd have any self respect left if I went to the web site of a company or organization that had a chance to free many many persons of all means from the pocket-robbing claws of big pharma and big medicine, and lobbied there incessantly, and even in bad faith, to stop that from happening.

      A lot of sad displays of avarice and greed that I never could have imagined continue on, here, daily. It saddens me so much that I am tempted to wish that in YOUR time of need anatabine citrate will, for some reason, fail you. It is all too unlikely that it would so fail, and I am sad to admit that, at times, I should so hope that it might. But then you people are a really really sad lot.