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  • repo_man_one repo_man_one Aug 11, 2013 9:26 PM Flag

    First 300 count shipment

    I signed up for advantage club shipments back in Oct 2012.

    I have never purchased a bottle of Anatabloc from GNC.

    The first shipment I received with the 300ct bottle was 3/24/2013.

    Thereafter, I adjusted my Anatabloc shipments to every 45 days, because my wife was only using about 6 tablets a day.

    I am curious how many other Anatabloc customers, who ordered via the advantage club, first started receiving 300 count bottles?

    I am also curious whether anyone has adjusted their shipments to longer durations due to the 300ct bottles like I have?

    I am surprised revenues did not decline significantly this quarter after the transition to 300ct bottles.

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    • Our first 300-count shipment (in 15 ea. 20-count dispensers) was from an auto-reorder invoice dated 13 April 2013.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • repo -------

      I too have been using the STSI website a long time. My first website auto order was on 3-24-12.

      I made no adjustment in my ordering pattern when the tablet count was changed to 300 from 200. ( Some people did but I didn't.)

      If my memory is serving me correct, the purpose of increasing the tablet count to 300 vs. 200 was to allow for the recommended daily dosage increase. My monthly recommended dosage level now is 10 tablets per day for my weight. On the 200 count bottles, I believe the recommended daily usage for me was 6 or 7 tablets per day.

      I also seem to remember that the dosage level adjustments resulted from the Co.'s work in/with the Flint studies.

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    • There is plenty of documentation ofound through board searches that shows website availability in January. Website picture of availability on january 16 can be found on Investor Village.

      Started showing up in GNC stores a week or so later.

      First availability in March is a myth by those like Chippy trying to PRETEND there's growth here when there isn't.

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      • 2 Replies to tivonomo
      • Now, as to 300 ct availability. Yes, began to FIRST show up week 3 Jan on web site. Was MID FEB before there was much report of availability in GNC stores, and my son (Dallas at the time) was STILL refusing 200 ct bottles in GNC stores there in mid April (as they tried to sell out their old stock first, something I think they should not have been allowed to do for full price).

        I THINK THERE IS LITTLE DOUBT THAT MARCH 1 OR SO IS AN EXCELLENT MID POINT on which to balance, as "the beginning", the rollout of the 300ct bottles. YOUR version, tivomoron, IS PURE FICTION.

      • Don't you wish that anything you said here made an iota of difference? Don't you wish that, by constantly completely ignoring the overall long term business plan for the supplements, you could get people to do anything but look down on you?

        Your wishes and needs show so plainly in your desperate posts (with desperate "sentiment"). Never occurs to you how those facts alert people to suspect your motives? STILL? Guess not : )

        m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-madness. Yeah.