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  • cigx1967 cigx1967 Aug 13, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

    38 people

    Have completed the Alzheimer's trial w/Anatabine ... There have been numerous studies done w nutriceutical supplements where time and again, they find no benefit to various diseases, etc. THEY ARE CONTINUING THE TRIAL... it must show benefit

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    • "38 participants have concluded the study"

      Wouldn't it be interesting to know how many of those 38 participants have CONTINUED TAKING ANATABLOC.

      I'm sure the study was done with pharma grade Anatabine, but are those 38 participants now taking Anatabloc?

      Inquiring minds would like to know.

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    • "it must show benefit"

      Hardly a logical conclusion. I'm sure Chippy will be correcting you soon. Fact is that you can't statistically say much with confidence on only 38 people.

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      • I don't know how much experience you have with statatiscally controlled studies. A study run by a competent authority on 38 people may be more significant then a study on 1138 people which is conducted by idiots. A lot depends on the quality of the participants as well as the veracity of the conductors.

      • "Fact is that you can't statistically say much with confidence on only 38 people."

        The fact is .... you can, given the nature of the trial and the variables being measured. Look in your statistical tables for N=38 to determine how many of the subjects must show benefit in order for the trial results to be significant.

        Well, here's a hint. What if all 38 showed benefit? Would that be significant? (Yes/No will suffice)
        How about 37? 36? .... 19? (ah, getting down to head scratching numbers now....)

        Anybody else want to chip in with an answer to this question: How many subjects of a one-armed trial with 38 patients must show benefit in order to conclude that Abloc 'works' for Alzheimers (and so the trial continues)? This question is probably a stricter one than the company is answering as to whether they continue.

        I'm curious as to what "benefit" signifies. What is being measured? How many variables are being measured? If more than one, then determining whether Abloc shows 'benefit' becomes more complicated (i.e., you have to use a different stat table).

      • You have a REALLY BAD HABIT of very broad, and "final" statements.

        "Fact is that you can't statistically say much with confidence on only 38 people."

        If NONE of them showed any efficacy, I hugely bet YOU would be willing to say "sell the company"!

        If ALL of them showed efficacy, then what you think about your statement? 60%?

        You've got a long way to go on the learning curve, Mack.

      • VITOMORON, let me help you. Cover now, or, lose a bundle. You know nothing about what you are talking about. Neither do Joe, Drum,Jill, Penny, Porter, all kids with nothing upstairs. Thanks for helping me make more money.

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      • don't think they would spend the money if they weren't seeing benefit. Not exactly flushed with cash but you made your bet so did I, Lets check back in a few months

    • from the q-
      The Alzheimer's study that is being sponsored by Rock Creek and conducted at the Roskamp Institute began enrolling subjects at the end of August 2012 and is ongoing. As of August 1, 2013, 63 subjects have been screened, 44 subjects have been enrolled in the study and 38 subjects have completed the study. The Anatabloc � Facial Cr�me study is being conducted at three sites and began enrolling subjects in December 2012. Enrollment was completed as of late April 2013 with a total of 117 subjects having been enrolled in the study. Of the total subjects enrolled, 109 have completed the double blind portion of the trial and 8 subjects were terminated early. Eighty-two (82) subjects have completed an open label extension of the study.

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      • The Creme study looks to be successful as well. 82 subjects continued using the creme after completion of the double blind study. This would not have been done if no positive results were garnered from the double blind study. 75% efficacy would be substantial (guess based on 82 out of 109 continuing to open label study). Consider also that any results are achieved without the pesky side effects of immuno-suppressors like infections, liver failure and death.

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