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  • vulture786 vulture786 Aug 21, 2013 8:05 PM Flag

    Adam F's Best biotech idea for 2013 breaks out to new highs today.

    CLDX is at an all time high and has entered a new trading range with a short term upside of 25$. This stock and STSI were at the same price a year ago. What do you think now Chippy and LB?

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    • " What do you think now Chippy?"

      Happy as a lark. Have been invested using CLDX long term options since Dec 2011, when stock was under $3. (Such stocks generally sell off at the end of the year, which makes it easy to pick up cheap options and shares).

      Can you imagine how much a Jan 2014 $10 call has appreciated since then (now at $13.50)? Much more than the stock itself, which is the blessing of options. I feel sorry for you if you've restricted yourself to just shares alone. :)

    • CLDX is at 22.25 and broke out on a down market day with no news. This is a yearly high and is very bullish. Told you about it at 7 when the great Adam F and I went out on the limb with our predictions. But your pumpers LB and Franco went on the CLDX board and called it a "no earnings POS" and they were laughed off the board as imbeciles and morones. LOL. I will be waiting all day tomorrow for the NEJM---New England Journal of Mice to declare that anatobloc is the answer for thyroid dz. LMFAO!!! Or will it be JAMA the Journal of American Madeup Medicine that crowns your scammy biotech jewel..