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  • eliehanna72 eliehanna72 Sep 12, 2013 6:02 PM Flag

    gnc store stamford ct.

    i visited my local gnc store this afternoon to pick up some protein shakes and bars, the manager there is a guy i have seen many times and even asked about how anatabloc sales were going in the past, he knows his stuff and been with the company for many years... so i asked him today how anatabloc was doing, and i was amazed at his response, i have been long this stock for years and still waiting for the run that is suppose to make us some profits!!! and even used the product on off and found that it did somewhat help me but the response he gave me today made me want to buy even more stock at these levels even though i did not and have sworn that i will never buy again due to the frustration we have all had with this investment. i will quote what he said " anatabloc is selling like crazy and people who buy it call it a miracle" so i was shocked to hear live from a person who sells it knowing i am not buying it, even though i have read reviews online its different when you hear it from the guy at gnc, he said " people love it they say it has cured them from their pains and problems" not sure here exactly what these ppl have but nevertheless its curing it.... he also said "the only ppl it doesnt work as well on are the ones who dont take it regularly as in 6 to 8 a day" so he obviously was not bs ing me and his story is legit. this was great to hear and amazes me to see how we cant even break $2 when we have this science, will i buy more? i really dont know yet but do i feel better about the stock today then i did yestersay? you bet i do!!!! good luck to all of you longs and i hope you shorts gets burned.

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