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  • nakamuraakiko nakamuraakiko Sep 18, 2013 3:27 AM Flag



    Aren't you longs sick and tired of me? Of course you are. The same thing day after day after day. Seems you can't turn an Internet page without that nasty Drum in your face. What to do?

    Here is the solution. Izof has a VIP group which only pimpers, pumpers, nitwits, knotwits, dimwits, halfwits and dumbwits longs are admitted to membership. Highly intelligent and especially genius level contrarians are banned. The motto of this VIP Group is " I have the right to remain stupid so don't bother trying to educate me".

    Just defect to that group and leave this message board for good. Then you won't need to be pummeled and bashed and spanked by that bad ole Drum. And look. The worst punishment for Drum would be that he is all alone in the great void of intergalactic cluster internet space with no one to talk to except himself. What a horrible punishment for all his misdeeds. Just the thought of this should quicken the pulse of any long including CIGX1967-2013 and he is dead.

    Think about it. Its the perfect solution. And all you lo gs can continue patting yourselves on your heinies as the pps goes to single digits.

    Jest a thought but whaddya say?
    Thoughtful Drum

    This topic is deleted.
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    • "Aren't you longs sick and tired of me? Of course you are. The same thing day after day after day. "

      you give yourself too much credit, urakaka! a nuisance you are, but little more. you waste your time, and as you say, 'same thing day after day after day'. nothing new ever from you.

      on the bright side, though, you serve a constant reminder to the rest of us. consider if every day were bright, sunny, and a beautiful 75 out. we would have no basis for comparison on what a wonderful day would be. with no ugly days, even perfect days would grow dull and ordinary, and we would quickly take them for granted.

      with you, even the ignorant can step back and say, 'well, at least i'm not a fool like him,' and he can feel much better about himself. you are the depressed, bitter, fraud that paints a more beautiful depiction of most other people. i thank God i'm not like you (i actually mean that, and not in a sarcastic or demeaning manner, for without Him, i very well may be as you), and i thank you for the continual reminder.