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  • felixhoffman1899 felixhoffman1899 Sep 21, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

    The New Aspirin

    We are invested in a unique, Specialty Pharma/Nutritional Supplement, technology development company with substantial amounts of patented, and patent pending, intellectual property focused on the research advancement of a specific tobacco alkaloid "anatabine" that has major anti-inflammatory effect in vitro and in vivo to the mammalian species.

    Simply put: Anatabine is a new, novel, never before discovered, potent anti-inflammatory w/ an excellent safety profile. Truth: Irrefutable "N'uff said"

    They have put a "patent blanket" over the synthesis of anatabine, the material composition of an ingestible delivery device (ie anatabloc), use, as an MOAI, and they are patent pending for use for various disease states (thyroiditis, diabetes, cancer, etc).

    They have expressed they are working on a pharmaceutical variant (the isomer) and given their experience, you can logically and safely infer that they will eventually have a new molecular composition of matter patent, which is likely, also going to include intellectual property for "use".(Can you say Alzheimer's). (Within a year)

    They have years of pre-clinical lab work on Anatabine (Since 2007), which includes toxicity, geno toxicity, rat toxicity, pregnant rabbit studies. etc. A typical 2 year cycle of "GLP" (Who knows what that means? :). This was followed by substantial human analysis, as the alkaloid originated in a nutritional supplement associated with smoking prevention. They have since conducted numerous peer reviewed (4) Preclinical animal studies for Alzheimer's, MS, Thyroditis, and STAT3/NF-Kb Phosphorylation (Major Anti-inflammatory Effects), and have follow up work for Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) They have significant human analysis (originated through their anti-smoking initiatives) that has evolved into human clinical work currently with Alzheimers, Rossacea (topical cream), HsCRP (Inflammation Tests) and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

    The publication of human clinical data (150 Patients) for Thyroiditis is imminent. Any day........ Read the press releases and the Q. Go to clinical Irrefutable. They told you in January, and they reconfirmed in Aug. They have reversed the #1 auto-immunce disease in the USA. This has never been done before and their are 20mn Americans and over 50mn worldwide, who have the disease. There is no cure.

    They have developed this compound as a nutraceutical. It works as an anti-inflammatory and you can buy this today. Ask Freddy Couples.
    They have $15mn Cash, $25mn of exercisable, in the money warrants, are generating $10-$15mn run rate w/ GNC revenues, and will be profitable next year.

    You can scream all you want about management and governor's scandals, but JW is a true entreprenneur, complete with his ideosyncracies, but he has surrounded himself with the President of the Harvard Law School Alumni Association to protect the company legally. Also, for regulatory development and advancement of the science, STAR has Curtiss Wright , former US FDA Deputy Director, along with Ryan Lanier, Johns Hopkins, pedigree, the smartest brain chemist in the world, Michael Mullan and the current Director of Endocrinology of Johns Hopkins, all working on the emergence of this compound and what it can do for the world.

    Technically, the stock looks great. The 50 day, just crossed upward to the 200 day, a pennant formation will not last forever, bollinger bands, narrowing, and you have 30mn shares short, and their volume has dried up. There are no sellers. Also, the company has been talking to Institutional Investors over the last year, and everyone is waiting for the human proof of concept data (ie Thyroiditis Data) Any day from a major scientific publication near you. (Alzheimers data in the spring)

    Apart from Drum's pump from 2012......... where he had no supportive facts....... We do today. Stock is ready to explode.....................

    ALL OF THIS IS IRREFUTABLE.......... NOW IS THE TIME TO ACCUMULATE ALL YOU CAN...................................

    No one can stop it. It is worth a fortune. STSI is worth a fortune and we are going to see this baby born within the next 30-60 days.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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