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  • felixhoffman1899 felixhoffman1899 Sep 23, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    The Gnc Relationship

    Since September 1 GNC has had anatabloc on their P-3 Priority list. There is only one other non-GNC 3rd party product on this list "quite an accomplishment in such a short period of time". Ask any corporate store... Means Mandatory Sales Quotas, Extensive product knowledge and training. This is a very exclusive list. With Freddy's and Nancy's help, they will sell a million units next year! This is without any positive human data

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    • You are the best.

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    • many thanks, 1899...

      i took this from a poster off supplement reviews regarding gnc p-3:

      "Regular GNC employees do not get commission on P3 items. However these are products GNC determines to be the best available in their class...go figure all the p3's are GNC brand...30% of your sales has to be P3 products or you get b*tched at and with no commission..."

      and another poster:

      "P3's are the products that they are required to sell to meet their sales goals, mostly GNC brand products...some managers get commission on GNC products, regular employees don't. most of the items they get commission on are 3rd party supplements..."

    • Thank you Felix, I stopped in a corporate store in Connecticut a couple weeks ago and was told about the new status by two employees, They said anatabloc was recently put on a priority list and both employees were very knowledgeable about the product

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