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  • tlorenzo65 tlorenzo65 Oct 7, 2013 12:53 AM Flag

    Motives ? every ACTION has one... pls read !

    I know I'm probably NOT going to get straight answers, but something is just baffling to Me... What are the "motives" of the FOR Star posters(which is MORE obvious to Me--- I think), but MORE baffling---the posters AGAINST Star... They spend an alarming amount of time out here posting day in and day out...

    Common sense would naturally tell Me that the Cigx, Franco, Izof, Chipper, etc, and Company have vested interests, and like MOST Humans, are looking for that NICE return... That makes a little sense to Me...

    NOW, the ANTI Star investors such as JoeB, Naka, Vulture, Moregana, etc, and Company, doubtfully have any vested interest, by the manner by which they post... Common sense here would tell Me that maybe they're invested in the other direction--- short, OR maybe they're just disgruntled ex-emplyees, or even current ones.
    OR maybe they are just good souls and couldn't stand the idea of ANYONE losing money this stock ??

    Now don't get me wrong--- I THOROUGHLY enjoy both sides of the fence, and find it totally entertaining !!! If I were on a jury and both sides were in a court of law, I may even be swayin in favor of JoeB, Naka, etc... Some of the posts by JoeB and Naka are even "publishable", they're written so well ! Can they possibly be the same person ? who knows ? I guess anthing is possible... lol But please CARRY ON, I enjoy it immensely!

    OK, now MY motive for this post---- which I always believe EVERY action in life has a "motive"... In advance, I will disclose that at current time, I am NOT invested at all in Star... Although, I did dabble years back when their was some pending litigation with a tobacco company, I believe RJR... SEE NEXT POST--- too long

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Your post makes me suspicious, tlorenzo65. Nak/Joe was/were the worst of pumpers here at one time. That's when I first put them on ignore. I have checked in on them a time or 2 and back on ignore they go. It's facts that count, their opinions (that's all they offer) are not from a quality source.

    • I will let Izof's post speak for itself. Suffice it to say that he brings nothing new to the party. To him it is all about the science. That will, in and of itself, reward patient shareholders in the end. Boiled down and devoid of histrionics as well as his legal squeaks about facts and evidence, that is his premise. It was in re tobacco which failed after 10 long years of Star Quioxte tilting at infringement windmills and is failing now with its resurrected tobacco product ABLOC a by product of tobacco which Jonnie blindly stumbled upon.

      What Izof fails to understand is that it is NOT THE SCIENCE ALONE that insures stock appreciation or commercial success. It is competent management in large part taking a good product and MONETIZING its inherent value. Thus far after 3 years sales are sputtering as average daily orders have been declining after hefty discounts. This is not the hall mark of a blockbuster product. The longs say this will all be history because the publishing of the studies will rocket the pps. Really? Hardly likely because first this is a supplement which has not undergone the rigorous and controlled studies demanded of substances finally approved by the FDA. The supplement industry is known for extravagant claims backed by "studies" just like those expected by Star. It is very much a huckster industry and Jonnie is a known and documented huckster. Secondly, what do you expect the studies to conclude? Simple but Izof loves to poo - poo this away. The study regults warrant further and continuing studies. That's all Wall Street needs to hear. Why do you think that no reputable Wall Street firm covers Star? Because Izof is smarter and knows what they don't? They give as much credence to the studies as anyone sane. Zero. Because Star has no credibility and thus the street is much harder on them than say CLDX and is rather waiting for them to show the money.

      There are many other reasons as to why you would be smart to save your money by not investing

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      • in hawaiian, nakamuraakiko translates "scared stiffless".

        that makes a LOT more sense why you were up all night frantically responding to everyone. :)

      • in Star which Izof is blissfully ignoring:
        Coming dilution which will be massive and in the hole
        USA settlement which will cost millions
        Shareholder derivative suits which Star will need to defend and expend legal fees
        Far from conclusive study results which are far short of necessary rigor to be really accepted and endorsed by the conservative medical community

        The bottom line is Star management's abject lack of credibility. If current management is replaced by credible and professional management, then this would be taken as a positive but the longs dream of near/intermediate term bonanzas is a pipe dream. Even with new management which I doubt will take place significant appreciation is years away. There are much better speculations than Star. Unfortunately, it is not just about the science and studies but good, honest, professional and creditable management and commercialization. Star lacks this part of the equation in spades.

        Recommendation: urgent sell and reinvest elsewhere. Star is a dog on a leash waiting to be unleashed.
        Good luck
        Drum(I am not Joe and I leave it to him to expound his views)

    • Tidbits:

      "OR maybe they are just good souls and couldn't stand the idea of ANYONE losing money [on] this stock ??"

      Yes, altruism abounds : )

      If it is true that you are seeking answers about this stock, I wonder how it is that you are already posting a "sentiment".

    • There has been an obvious buzz about this "Anatabloc", and I've heard some personal testimonies already raving about it's effects--- specifically from 2 family members... So naturally, my insticts tell Me that MAYBE their is an investment opportunity for myself here, to possibly make some sort of return--- at ground level.

      I'm just trying to make heads or tails, which are ALMOST evenly matched--- again, advantage "JoeB/Naka"
      I feel if I can get some sort of direction as to MOTIVE, I can either make the plunge or save my money...

      Again Folks, and this is ALL of YOU--- by no means STOP the Press, I actually look forward to it ALL !!!

      GOOD LUCK to ALL, pro or con ! :-)

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • tlorenzo65, you should also look at Investor hub for information. good luck

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I do have a vested interest. I have studied this stock (since the co. was OTC:BB in the late 1990s) and written about it longer, and more, than any other investor currently active online. You will see joe and drum talk about me a lot. They seem to hate me. I have been a critic of them both BOTH ... as pumpers AND "bashers" ... so maybe they're just discouraged because I don't like extremes of BS in EITHER direction, especially BS to the near-exclusion of fact.

        They will talk a lot about what THEY think is my investing experience here, about which of course they really have no idea. I've done OK as it is, NOW, and I'll like it better when the definitive trials trickle in one by one soon and the price rises. (The co. just abandoned its former business to concentrate on the anti-inflammatory, and dropped a LOT of investors in the process.)

        I try to talk only about fact, and if I speculate I SAY SO, and I do so conservatively. Anyone reading joedrum would do well to scan each 2000-3000 words to see if there is a single actual fact there before wasting time actually reading it ... unless you're here for entertainment (I'm not ... decidedly: I have other things to do).

        On the other hand when I talk about them (to point out to newcomers "what's what") I back up what I'm saying with fact &/or THEIR words. As I did here. Apparently they will never revert to fact and do me the same favor. Maybe they can't find any (such facts or quotes) to bolster what they say, who knows. Well, I think I do.

        As to this stock ... look for FACT, not gibberish and prediction and speculation, and YOU decide. That is the stated purpose of those of those of us who have been "here" and been long for a good long time. We're discussing, we're learning, and so can others. We learn from contrary FACTUAL views also, of course, but those are few and far between.

        "nomo" specializes, and does well at it, in "half truths", so he's a half-cut above the others ... maybe.

        Out of space (hate yahoo) & tim

      • Joe B's story is the short story in paperback, used, to drum. Haas never known much about Star but invested anyway. Apparently bought high and sold low. Says he learned that at Yale. At first posted stuff like


        joebernini • Jun 18, 2012 2:19 PM


        Folks, Did you know that RJR is secretly buying CIGX, partly one of the reason why we have been rising!

        Mamma mia.


        joebernini • Jun 18, 2012 1:12 PM


        Towards Wealth Through Star Scientific.

        Dear Longs,

        The momentum is now on our side and that's why the tide of fortune ebbs and flows......

        We must be strong and prudent, united as one and Unafraid even if the stock retreats a little. If we do this, we will see CIGX flirt with $100/Shr sooner than you think.

        joebernini . Feb 22, 2012 3:35 PM


        You are about to be treated to the mother of all upside NEWS on CIGX, you didn't even dream of. Between now and 6 weeks there will be breaking news that will take the stock to over $50/PPS. If this does not happen within the time frame I am predicting, then, you can ridicule me, mock me,and you can even cast me as an idiot. I am staking my reputation on this,


        Though we have his permission in those last two lines, mostly joe does the job on himself. I help out, sprinkling in a few facts, when I can (because joe never met any, apparently). Joe and drum are very fond of fiction and don't usually like fact even as a condiment.


        "Nomo" is short at about $1.90. He told us July 29, and that the stock was about to plummet, very likely to $1.60, likely to $1.20 and below. He posted as "tivonomo" at the time. 15 days later after posting here as tivo for many many months the stock was trading in the range $1.84 - $2.15. Tivonomo decided to change his name (to stsinomo). Go figure : ) He's still waiting. I'm betting he is also deep into competing (potentially) pharma.

      • First you need to decide if you are here to be entertained or to learn something.

        2nd you sound curiously like nakakaka.

        3rd, naka once saw himself as board guru and chief Star super-pumper in charge. Claims to be an attorney (and a lot of other things). Has an inexplicably great amount of time to spend in this trivial pursuit. Used to post stuff like
        Re: WHY $40 PER SHARE VALUATION? 29-Sep-08 11:53 pm

        Yes he did and saw it run up to $400 per share. I have met Jonnie and he is no bull@#$%. Very well connected and quite a brilliant guy. He has a lot of top advisors around him including Carter Philips. He is also well connected in the FDA. Just look what they are doing in Pharma!

        It appears to me that you know very little about this company and its principals. While I know a lot about the science and players and can highly recommend the stock and company, you should not invest in things you know very little about ...

        .... That is why I say back up the truck. I know a number of hedge funds recently in like Hound are increasing their positions. Once WS gets wind of this, the stock is definitely gonna soar. Jonnie did it for Lasik and I think he will do it again for Star.



        But things didn't go Star's way at the patent infringement trial in May-June 2009 and, of course, it couldn't have been drum's mistake (nothing ever is), so it had to be the company's fault and he's been trying to prove that ever since (yes, it's a bit more complicated). He now HATES Williams and wants his whole operation to fail. Has always hated me because I know far more about Star than he does and because I actually criticized his extravagant pumping of Star at the time (despite my own fairly large position in it). Apparently doesn't know what it means to move on.