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  • rightn0w rightn0w Mar 23, 2014 11:26 AM Flag

    Choosing the most expiditious disease to prosecute

    From Dr Mullan during Q&A (replay of his presentation and Q&A is still available)

    'Choosing the disease target that's 1.) important from market perspective 2.) regulatory strategy and clinical design 3.)speed in/out of phase 2 quickly & cheaply'
    'we have an abundance of potential targets'

    Choose a disease target that fits the parameters outlined above.

    Here's mine:
    Sinusitis may be good one to get a quick 'use indication' from the FDA imo.

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    • If it were up to me to choose the targeted disease, it would be immensely simple. I would select dimwittedness and total mental retardation in selecting STSI as a speculation. The patient population is readily available for clinc trials. Look no further than this MB. I rest my case.

    • Prosecute? That is for Lovely Izof and Franco.

    • Lots of diferent options to use the drug. Brilliant future for STSI

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    • bdmacg Mar 23, 2014 11:40 AM Flag

      Do you realize these are the most insane statements any drug company exec has ever made.
      "'Choosing the disease target that's"

      After all this basic science you people have been touting ad nauseum, and the company has no idea what disease their ONLY compound in their pipeline will treat?

      Drugs in development, at least following pre-clinical testing and even before (investigators need to chose the appropriate animal disease models to test the compound) - have already been designated for a specific indication to test. This company is like a lost child in the woods, has no idea where to go, what disease to treat? and Mullan is the answer to bring this company back from the death spiral. This is insanity - and the FDA will not take very kindly to this - I have been involved in this sector for many years and have at the FDA talks and negotiations when it comes to drug development and the FDA want even more specific indications for inidiviual drugs than our current nosological system in medicine provides.

      Bodes very badly for Anatabine.

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      • A new CEO and a new direction as a Biotech RCPi focusing (time & money) on a drug version of anatabine. Phase One study will occur in 2nd half 2014 with a Phase Two designed and ready to begin soon thereafter under FDA guidelines and processes using Quintiles to insure success.

        The nutraceutical Anatabloc will remain with little to no expansion in marketing in order to focus on getting the first drug indication from the FDA.

        There's an 'abundance of diseases to choose from' is in the context of achieving, quickly & cheaply, the first FDA approval of a new anatabine drug version to treat the disease.

        The very notion that there's an 'abundance of diseases to choose from' shouldn't surprise anyone who's been taking the nutraceutical Anatabloc and because of the tremendous amount of anectdotal evidence out there of the various cures and relief that gets reported daily. To put it plainly, the stuff cure what ails you.

        Sinusitis is a slam dunk imo. Chrons($bil market) is another easy cure for anatabine and one that is possibly easier to quantify efficacy than sinusitis might be.

        A new FDA approved drug from RCPi is coming sooner than we might think. 2 things we do know are is that anatabine doesn't harm and it is an incredibly effective anti-inflammatory with a very wide range of use applications. Very wide.

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      • Will you need to develop an understanding of the science and the MOA, then you will realize why the goo doctor said that. He is correct. You are not.

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      • You are amazing BD. This stock is a joke and we saw the new wizard of Odd for what he was---Impotent. Mullan and thorton and jenkins are all cashing a check on the backs of these sheeples. And they are on an anti-depressant way too concentrated for the FDA to ever look at again. EOS end of story.

      • For a lost company with no future you should spend a lot of time on this board bashing the stock.
        Wonder why?

        Are you still depressed Freddy won last week?