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  • reali_stec reali_stec Jul 13, 2010 10:37 AM Flag

    Agria / P3A Divested...$3 Cash Value?

    About 56 million ADS.

    As of 12/31/09:

    About $108 mm in cash and cash equivalents
    About $16 mm in accounts receivable

    Also, their PGG Wrightson 13% stake is worth about $45mm (they paid $68mm, I believe).

    So we're talking about close to $3.00 a share in cash + PGG stock.

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    • triconomics Jul 14, 2010 9:33 AM Flag

      Just covering different angles.

      Good fortune to you

    • triconomics Jul 13, 2010 10:59 AM Flag

      I keep seeing this 13% ownership of PGG. THEY OWN %19 OF PGG WRIGHTSON. They bought the rights to some families take up share rights which is why Agria is the number one share owner, they had issues paying their family royalty dividend so the whole fund went in to a type of bankruptcy where Agria bought their share rights, it didn't cost agria as much as you think to acquire their shares. They bought their initial stake than bought the rest with the share offer for their share stake and bought the Brothers' share rights.

      They also invested something like 25-35 million sorry can't remember off the top into Agria's financial services division which is senior to other debt.

      This investment will probably show it's true value come august when PGG reports again, they already turned a profit and dumped the old CEO who was a flake who just sucked free shares off the company like most western CEO's do these days.

      They put out some of the most detailed reports I must say, well worth the read if your interested in this company.

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