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  • jvzeppa jvzeppa Aug 30, 2012 8:32 AM Flag

    so is this double next week after earnings releases????

    thats the questions. when will the funds and insiders start to buy up the cheap shares? does mgtment do a buy back of shares to help support a future delisting notice? or do they sit by and do nothing like all the other chinese company and watch there stock drift lower and lower til it either has to ask for a reverse split or they get delisted to the pinks????

    seems to be the game plan by the chinese and crooked investment bankers first scam the investor to buy and hold then as it daily gets penny to death come crawling to the shareholder meeting and ask to reverse split to stay listed so that it can slowly get penny to death yet again with no support then they go private after everyone falls asleep to what has happened????

    whats it going to be? survive and grow or die and go bye bye.

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    • Hi jvzeppa,

      i think we have a 50% chance to double, but we can also stay at these low level. In my view it depends on cash flow of AGRIA, if they have earned money it could boost us above 2$. Remember they have 12.5 Millions net earnings alone from PGW. If Agria is in need of money they would had forced PGW to pay a dividend. I hope that AGRIA will use their annual results as a new starting point for a better investor relation. There is room for improvement.

      Bookvalue 4$ per share
      Revenue rose by 400%
      PGW has made the turnaround

      chear up

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