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  • jvzeppa jvzeppa Sep 12, 2012 7:03 PM Flag

    wow new 52 week lows delist notice and CEO SILENT

    like I said the BOD and the CEO need to be fired ASAP! the silence has killed this company who care if pg makes a billion dollars as long as these fool's are in charge this stock goes NO WHERE market have made highs not seen since 2007 and this POS, TURD, GARBAGE STOCK, HAS DONE WHAT????? a big fat zero like the entire mgtment team BOD and PR DEPT a big fat ZERO the entire group is a used rubber after sex... thats right drop it in the garbage or toilet it has more value then these IDIOTS RUNNING THIS COMPANY

    nothing but 52 week lows no news no nothing from these clowns...... they have failed to report or do there duties which I see no reason why a class action law suit be followed... its time to suit these idiots and force them out....

    its been 9 months and no earnings reports of any kind no conference calls no sound of a fart from these IDIOTS... time a suit is brought on!!!! the CEO MUST GO ASAP!

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    • Dear jvzeppa,

      you should stop complaining. It doesn't help. There was almost no discussion about these very important annual result from PGW. It's their main asset. They are currently in a quiet period and it is not allowed for them to make comments. I don't understand why you don't call Mr. David Pascale as he is the head of the IR department. Maybe you get some information about AGRIA from him.

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      • complaining thats what you call it??? I call it FRAUD AT ITS BEST here a stock and company so called used shareholder money buys into a 50% stake into a profitable PGG company records are being broken the markets reach new highs and we have not heard a single word from this crook CEO and COMPANY or your pal PASCALE WHY??????? there crooks period.... and this crap about a quiet period are you just stupid or what????? quiet period they been quiet for almost a year now how stupid do you gotta be.... They ripped off shareholders and left ARGIA A SHELL NAME FOR LISTING only purposes in my book...... where are there quarterly earnings reports where is a lousy conference call or how about a meeting to discuss where and what and if this POS will ever do a buy back... dividend or anything for shareholders to earn MONEY this is a public company not a piggy bank for that IDIOT WONG DONG LING LING CHINESE IDIOT CEO and the rest of his crooks in china............... if anyone is out there looking to buy this DOG OF FLEAS stay away...... far far far far far away it never moves higher only lower and stays there... every once in a blue moon this POS will pop right back to where it was like 2 years ago only to slowly die right back to where it is now over time and time meaning years of sideways drops its a CHINESE SCAM........ and thats why the NYSE has had enough and will delist this POS soon.... me I have averaged down and the day it moves to even I am gone or I will ride this POS to a ZERO and write it off on gains from other real COMPANIES THAT ACTUALLY TALK TO THE SHAREHOLDERS this ceo is a total #$%$ and his silence proves the facts they are crooks and are hiding for a reason why ???????? there are zero analyst covering this POS zero funds worth a bend #$%$k holding this chinese glory stock WHY????? where are the INSIDERS WITH BUYS??? ANSWER THERE ARE NONE SINCE THIS IS A SCAM POS STOCK WITH NO FUTURE but slow death!!!!! what is the paper worth a lousy 70 cents.... you can't buy a cup of coffee for 70 cents and this is the great leader this CHINESE IDIOT can't even keep his value over a lousy buck.... and he is on the NYSE not the scam NASDAQ the CEO SHOULD BE SUED IN PRISON AND EVERYONE INVOLVED INVESTIGATED no way you claim a billion dollars cash on hand ect ect ect ect ect and be sitting for years under 2 bucks now under a buck in value.. unless it was a scam from the get go.........

        this CEO couldn't run a free book signing table he screw it up.... the entire BOD and ENTIRE MGTMENT TEAM MUST BE FIRED AND INVESTIGATED there silence has killed this POS and turned it into a TURD of TURDS which turd get flushed.

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