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  • jetionsolarproblem jetionsolarproblem Sep 13, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    Someone with a strong position around ?

    someone with a strong position around ? I have currently 30.000 , together with some friends we are holding 70.000.I would like to add more, but for the worst case
    ( delisting, going private and squeeze out) it would be nice to count on a broader alliance.
    With other words, i would like to be prepared for a class action if it comes to the worst case.
    I am still trusting the management but i have a better feeling if if we are not only 4 Germans.
    The politics from IR is ultraconservative but that is not necessarily bad. If there is someone who
    is holding a large stake and is willing to talk to me in private it would be very nice.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • go ask your idiot pal pascale he has all the answers as he laugh to the bank with the rest of the chinese crooks..... if you sue them you gotta find them and they are so silent there probably on a beach laughing to the bank...... but its that quiet period they have had now for a couple years RIGHT????? where there CONFERENCE CALLS where there lousy earnings reports where is the direction all CEO and BOD HAVE TO REPORT to there sheep called shareholders they see you and the rest of the idiots holding this worthless paper as a joke...... if I was in china I would punch this idiot in the head.... he has ruined this company with his silence.... time he gets investigated and thrown in a jail cell... and pascale can write and take calls for him in the cell next to him that guys as worthless as a used rubber after sex.... he probably wash it out and try to use it again thats how stupid he is..... hahahhahahahahaha GRO PAPER IS A SCAM AND AT 70 cents worthless hell a roll of toilet paper cost more then a share of this garbage....

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