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  • jvzeppa jvzeppa Sep 19, 2012 6:04 PM Flag

    someone is slowly bailing out day after day flat line

    yet volume in up and this drifts lower and lower why???? answer this is a scam and the stupid retail investor is the last to know that this is a dog with flea and a POS!!!

    last year earnings announced june 30th 2011 yet this year there three months past due... a delisting notice.... no news from the BOD OR CEO OR ANYONE IN MGTMENT A FUND MGTER ANYONE WITH A VOICE, you get new lows.... did I mention NO FREAKIN NEWS OF ANY KIND.... a PR DEPT worth a bent Dck!!!! no wonder this pos is at 70 cents and dropping daily....

    markets have reached 2006-2007 highs everything has increased in value except these scam chinese companies..... the NYSE is a joke as is the market makers who try to form a market in the turd you got zero support of any kind from anyone with MONEY.....

    gro CEO SHOULD BE IN JAIL AND INVESTIGATED there got be fraud here no way it just sits day after day drifting lower and lower penny by penny unless this was a scam from the beginning where is that stupid silent CEO AT why has he not issued earning or news at all to help support of lift this POS higher?????

    answer because its a FRAUD AND SCAM CHINESE COMPANY and all chinese companies seem to be scams....

    the NYSE that has made BILLIONS should be sued for listing these scams and the money given back to all the retail investor caught buying a dream a scam a fraud.... thinking it was a INVESTMENT

    long term anyone holding this pos has gotten a big fat ZERO... no increase in value no dividend no seen buy back of any kind NO NOTHING A BIG FAT ZEROOOOOOOOOOOO mgtment and the CEO and BOD should should all be in jail.........

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