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  • atuzi2002 atuzi2002 Dec 28, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    about the percentage of Lai's shares

    Jetionsolarproblem said:
    4. Mr. Lai ownes 44% of Agria plus the half of BCL15,7% 44% plus 7,85% 51,85%

    Sir, you are wrong again.

    Lai owns 44.1% directly
    Morgan Finanz Capital Limited owns 28.1%
    Brothers Capital Limited owns 15.7%

    In total, he owns 87.9%


    (5) Morgan Finanz Capital Limited is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. Morgan Finanz Capital Limited is wholly owned by BCL,
    which in turn is wholly owned by Mr. Guanglin Lai. Mr. Guanglin Lai is the sole director of Morgan Finanz Capital Limited.
    (6) Includes 17,445,250 ordinary shares held by BCL, a British Virgin Islands company wholly owned by Mr. Lai, The business address of BCL is
    21/F Tower B, PingAn International Finance Center, 1-3 Xinyuan South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027, People’s Republic of China.

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    • Yes, thanks, you are right. Do you know why my answer was removed from yahoo ?

      • 1 Reply to jetionsolarproblem
      • no, i don't know how to remove message from yahoo.

        and i found another incorrect information you mentioned in your post:

        [quote] 3. They made money in 2011, 18,36 Million RMB net earnings [/quote]

        that number is for the Six Months Ended June 30,2011, nobody knows what happened for 6 months between July to December 2011, they never published the number. I bet it's ugly.

        The following is the Net income (loss) attributable to Agria Corporation since 2008 -- remember, they were listed on NYSE in 2007.

        2008 --- 751 million loss
        2009 --- 135 million loss
        2010 --- 59 million loss
        2011 --- no mumber for whole year, only 18 million earning in the first 6 months, it's highly possible they hid some cost in the first 6 months, defered to second half year, who knows.
        2012 --- 15 million loss

        these numbers explains why they bought PGW. basically they have no ability to make money in china.
        I'm not saying PGW can not make money, the question is when and how much the dividen will be paid out.

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