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  • jetionsolarproblem jetionsolarproblem Jan 10, 2013 7:10 AM Flag

    I proudly present. Ratio Math for Beginners

    i solved this complicated ratio math in a dram yesterday night. Can someone apointme for the Nobel price ?

    Imagine Agria consist of 18 ordinary shares.
    6 of these ordinary shares are represented thru 3 ADS's (6 times 1 cent)
    12 ordinary share are held by Mr. Adam Lai. (12 times 1 cent)

    After AGM the 6 ordinary shares are divided by 3 and you have 2 new ordinarys worth 2 times 3 cent =6 cent
    After AGM the 12 ordinarys from Adam are divided by 3 and he 4 new ordinarys worth 4 times 3 cent =12 cent

    I admit this ratio stuff was confusing for me, but i have never asumed that Agria will fool me. It looks that all fit together with their plan not to delist. In April we will have the results of the first half year of PGW and i hope some numbers about a dividend. I hope that the Investor Relation politic will change and that Agria can be one of the top performers in 2013.

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    • I had a friend read your math and we are heads are spining. We dont understand. You think you are smart but are dumb becuase if it is not easy to understand it will scare investors and you will never make the price higher.

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      • reverse split never work this will be shorted to the pennies again cause all this company is or was is a shell game for LIA personal stash and rip off the cash to go out and make money off you idiots who bought from the stupid investment bankers there paper garbage shares short this thing to OTC BB cause its a scam since the day it turned out the IPO.

      • forget the reverse split for now because it will have the same effect on all shares-----------if you have 12 ADR shares then you now have 24 ordinary shares---------if suddenly they make each ADR equal one ordinary share rather than 2 ordinary shares, then if would appear that you still own 12 ADR but only 12 ordinary shares----now this is simple----just give me a simple explanation as to why you think i would still have the equivalent of 24 ordinary shares----thank you-----a smart person like you surely can figure out a way to explain it to ud dummies------i am only interested in how many shares i will have after this is all over

      • i don't want to say i am smart. I had tried to make a joke. I have used simple numbers because it is easier to understand. The problem is that Agria shareholders are afraid
        that Mr. Lai has used this ratio change, to increase his share in Agria.

        Do the math the other way around. Imagine you have 3 old shares .
        1. 3 old shares worth par value of $0.0000001 per share in Summary $0.0000003
        2.) now you have 1 new ordinary share worth of $0.0000003 per share
        3) Now with ratio 1:2 that means 2 times $0.0000003 Summary $0.0000006

        You see with the old ratio we as ADS holders could double our share in Agria !!

        If you have a better way to explain it simple, tell me.

        Forgive me my bad grammar, i am from Germany

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