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  • beach531 beach531 Jul 6, 2013 7:48 PM Flag

    Olaf is a jerk.

    Can't say it on ihub but Olaf is a jerk who was once punched out by B. Weber. Now he sits behind a keyboard spewing venom.

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    • theaces56 Jul 8, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

      Oh really? So his truth about how BW and friends are making it seem like the Rothschild banking family has bought into the stock? When it was some loser brokerage? Looks the pumpers like el lobo who admit to flipping the stock who the real problem. Ayone who has sold knows NITE is the market maker which does it for BBDA. The only ones who are selling are the pumpers who pump it up to 4+ and buy it again in the 3's watch yesterday. They sold 2-3mill in 4's and lined up on 38 buying they are the ones manipulating the stock.

    • Why, because he tells the TRUTH? Anyone who reads the board knows who the pumpers are. Let's look at the stock price for the last 3 years. Let's read about audited financials. let's read about coming off pink sheets. Lets read about PR after PR and then let's look once again at the share price. By the way, how are those sales going in Wlmart. Nobody really knows now do they. Keep spewing your venom, Olaf, the board deserves to know the TRUTH. Also, has anyone on this board ever been to the headquarters of BBDA. Inquiring minds want to know. Show us your DD now Beach and stop pumping a company without FACTS.

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