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  • phynone phynone Jun 23, 2014 3:37 PM Flag


    Funny that the share price is going up and this fool is posting heavy today .. PAID BASHER.. crwmbrnb12 also shares a IP address with investgirl, and about 4 others.. Beware of this guy!!! Block him to get a honest look at this stock .. He has tore up other boards under Alias's.

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    • crwmbrnb is gone and incestgirl is back along with dickrose. what do you know they all share the same IP address. PAID BASHERS!!!

    • The share price is going up? Looks to me like it closed even. The rest of what you said is 100% nonsense.

      Please note who posts info about the company and who posts nothing but attacks on the people posting info. They have no info to counter the very real and verifiable information that is posted so they resort to personal attacks and attempts to discredit posters instead of posting any legit info that validates the company's claims. You can block me I don't care but it doesn't change the facts I post. Go ahead and look at charts if you want an honest look at the stock. Look at how many shares have been issued and look at the company's statements about capping or stopping issuing shares. Read the pr statements and watch the videos and then look at the verifiable results vs whats in the prs and videos. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the history of the company using public info available and not internet message boards. The SHARE SELLING SCAM is only convincing on its face. Take a few hours and look into the reality behind the illusion and you find the people really trying to #$%$ for a buck.

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      • I understand the OTC rules are ripe for SHARE SELLING SCAMS like this one which is why the Pink Sheets are full of them. You are pointing at the companys hiding place and claiming that makes it LEGIT. LOL!!!! BBDA does not have to report anything but if they don't then they and the company trolls who defend them should stop complaining when people talk about what they are HIDING because that's EXACTLY what they are doing. ITS A SHARE SELLING SCAM and the company cant even prove that wrong. LOL!!!! An Oprah magazine staff writer picked three products for a little piece on relaxation drinks and you believe they did a full on investigation of the companys that push the drinks? Using some kind of info thats not available to the companys own shareholders? LOL!!! It means nothing and the PRODUCT DOESNT BELONG TO BBDA ANYWAY. This company has been decieving people for years to get their money and giving nothing back. Some people dont just walk away from being lied to and screwed over, they hang around to warn other people that ITS A SHARE SELLING SCAM. You have provided NO INFO to support your argument. BBDA is a SHARE SELLING SCAM.

      • so the market is not designed as a funding place? you complain constantly but fail to understand the OTC rules .. BBDA doesn't have to report a thing.. if you don't like that go to another market.. its that simple. If you don't like the fact that this company raises money through the selling of shares, MOVE ON. till then ill keep telling everyone that you and your other aliases are paid bashers. you all have the same IP address.. isn't that funny.. another funny thing is its in the Oprah magazine.. Now your research looks horrible..

      • Please spend the time looking to see how foolish CRWMbrnb12 is .. PAID BASHER!

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