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  • richanne97 richanne97 Apr 4, 2006 9:40 PM Flag

    Cheated out of Flightfund miles?

    I am looking for other people who have been cheated out of using their America West frequent flyer miles, especially since the U.S. Airways merger, for a class action suit. They can email me at
    I have enough America West Flightfund miles for a trip to Europe. I need to go to Ireland in June/July. I called America West in March but there were no tickets available for frequent flyer miles. I tried 10 different dates, two different airports (Dublin and Shannon), and nothing. So they told me I might be able to transfer my miles to U.S. Airways and book through them, but I tried them, and they had nothing either. (It's still two totally separate booking desks and two ticketing desks and two computer systems.) So I'm back at America West asking to use my miles to upgrade to first class, and they book something, but they say only the Continential US portion may be upgraded. Then they transfer me back to US Airways, which says they can't upgrade the international portion because the plane is all business class. So I'm back at America West again (every call involves being on hold at least 40 minutes) and they tell me that the flight must be ticketed by US Airways and then I will go back to America West for upgrade on the U.S. segments. So I pay for the ticket and return to America West and I'm told they can't do the upgrade because the ticket is on U.S. Airways ticket stock! Which they insisted I had to do!!! So the next day involves a series of phone calls with customer relations/service, and the best offer I get is a $50 travel voucher to compensate me for the trouble I went through and being told I could upgrade when in fact I can't. I've spent like 20 hours on the phone with these people. I am so fed up and angry. I never used my miles in the first year or two after 9/11 because I wanted to support the airline; I paid for every ticket. I've been a customer since the earliest days of this airline. I live in Phoenix. This is the thanks I get for 25 years as a loyal customer.

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    • You really have no clue what you are talking about, that is a shame. You and the Kool Aid should get together more often so you will pass out.

      Your garbage is useless. You don't even have a box to cover you from the rain. Get out of the alley and move into the assisted living. You will be much happier with your life.

    • No worries all taken care of. Just keep sitting in front of your 13" tv that doesn't have cable.

      You should really come out with part II

    • Chicken Little,

      Your knowledge is miniscule compared to many as your post have no truth but thinking about the past and not looking at the future. You have no idea several contacts from PIT have been called back, minimum wage, no such thing when you are union. Maybe you should stick with the movies, you aren't to knowledgeable going solo.

    • Hey Chicken Little,

      Didn't brush off staffing, call backs are in the works moron. Read the post or do you need thicker glasses

    • "All that experienced help will not return and the lousy training for new hires will continue on."

      By your statement it seems one you are a disgruntled employee, two you have severed your ties with the company, three you have never worked for them but traveled as a customer and four the more likely choice you are a basher, which equals disgruntled. Now to your statement. US people speaking to majority US customers or Spanish speaking to majority US customers, I choose US to US. Second, wages are dirt cheap but stress due to language barrier causes the high turnover and US higher wages and employees that will be called back as it has already begun. Now I don't know you and you don't know me but I am willing to take a guess that you have no clue of behind the scenes such as this. Though I don't live in mexico or el salvador I can guarantee you that I do have behind the scenes knowledge. Plus on the offices you might want to check PIT again they are reopening RES.

      Now I am not trying to create an argument, but giving my opinion on many things I am privy to. It is no understatement of the improvements needed to return loyalty. Many great things have happened since Sep 2005 that are taking us down the path to return to greatness. It is sad to know that you are so upset for whatever reason and you are entitled to your opinion. Which is why I am submitting just facts on the happenings to come.

    • One other thing to note is you need to look at dates when booking these free tickets. June/July is prime travel season and you waited until March to book. Many people set their summer vacations up in October, November and December with their employers and start booking once it is set in stone for the new year. Just a thought, but I don't think you will get a class action lawsuit on this case as this is the case for every airline on their practices. JMO

    • Just a word of advice when using your miles, you must do it many months out in advance as each plane only holds a very limited amount of free seats. Article showed that last week on CNBC. One other piece of advice, when dealing with such a complicated task as using your miles for numerous dates due to lack of it is best to go to your nearest airport to work with an individual who can completely answer every question you have. Yes you might be there an hour when doing this but you will not have to play phone tag with prompts, transfers, and departments. Let the Customer Rep standing in front of you do that for you. They will do this 100% of the time as long as you have patience, they will give you their undivided attention.

    • I am not STILL at ASU. I am BACK at ASU. I graduated the first time in 1982 with a degree in journalism. I was a journalist for 20 years, covering, among other things, America West, for Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal. I did a story for them when Doug was named the CEO. He was the youngest CEO of a "major" airline, or something like that. I left in 2003 to run a small business, and then last year I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and go to law school. So here I am. And there are many of us, by the way, who are not in their 20s. I am 45 and there are several students in my class older than me.

    • claim to be a 25 year customer
      and now you tell us that you are still an ASU
      student. Sounds like more bullshit to me. Just tell us how long have you worked on the ramp for SW?

    • The other side of T-4? Do tell.
      I sent a letter to Doug, but I think driving over there would be a waste of time, although it is a short drive from ASU, where I'm currently attending law school.

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