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  • john4265 john4265 Jan 2, 2007 11:26 AM Flag

    Why wouldn't Doug go for NWA?

    Doesn't seem logical that Parker would bid for Delta. NWA is a much better fit for them. NWA has a hostile workforce but so did USAir. Fleets and routes line up much better with a USAir/Northwest combo.

    Strange? The hostile or unsolicited bid just makes no sense at all. Why not up the bid and go for NWA?

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    • AP
      US Airways Traffic Rises in December
      Thursday January 4, 5:34 pm ET
      US Airways Posts 4.8 Percent Increase in December Traffic As Capacity, Occupany Rise

      TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) -- US Airways Group Inc. said Thursday traffic on its airlines rose 4.8 percent in December, as capacity
      and occupancy increased modestly.
      On US Airways, America West and US Airways
      Express brand flights, the company recorded 5.09 billion revenue passenger miles last month, up from 4.86 billion in December 2005.
      A revenue passenger mile is equal to one paying passenger flown Companywide, capacity edged up slightly to 6.75 billion available
      seat miles from 6.73 billion a year ago, as the airline held domestic capacity flat and expanded capacity on international flights by 2.4
      percent. Load factor, an industry measure of occupancy, rose 3.2 points to 75.4 percent.

      For the fourth quarter, traffic grew 1.6 percent to 15.23 billion revenue passenger miles. Capacity shrank 1.7 percent
      during the period to 19.87 available seat miles. Load factor rose 2.5 points to 76.6 percent.
      Traffic and capacity declined over the course of the year, however.

      The company posted 63.37 billion revenue passenger miles in 2006, down 4.9 percent from 66.65 billion in 2005
      . Capacity fell 7.6 percent at the same time to 80.93 billion available seat miles. Occupancy climbed to 78.3 percent last
      year from 76.1 percent in the prior year.

      Shares of US Airways rose $2.54, or 4.5 percent, to close at $58.84 on the New York Stock Exchange.

    • Take a look at this fact. LUV is kicking ass on PHL-PIT. U/LCC unable to defend it's marketshare between it's two hub cities. And of course PIT is no longer a real hub.

    • Here is one reason: as reported on CNBC this morning AMR is interested in NW. Parker and his guys could compete effectively for NW against AMR imo.

    • > NWA has a hostile workforce but so did USAir.

      I differ with that. The pilots and mechanics had been sold out by their respective unions and were scared for their jobs. They gave in, especially the pilots, like a gaggle of dogs rolling over wanting their bellys rubbed. Dave Siegel and David Bronner were the forces that cowed them under with threats of liquidation and two bankruptcy filings.