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  • stockmeisterl03 stockmeisterl03 Aug 13, 2012 10:11 AM Flag

    OT: Beware Ides of August

    Just sayin....

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    • <<<we all know Ben will print after next meeting>>>

      Just don't see it, Mars. As a matter of fact, I'd take it as a negative if they did do another QE like QE1 or QE2. Possibly another slight move like their "targeted" twist, but not anything major. Even that I don't think is necessary.

      The EU will do something once they get things in line to do something ... I don't think those steps are complete yet. So, I won't guess that time frame.

    • So when does it stop this rediculous uptrend and start to move down? No good news, Europe, drought, Asia, fiscal cliff - but yet it keeps moving up trying to set new highs on anemic volume???

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      • "anemic volume???"

        I've wondered about this. I don't know how anyone can decide what the true "investor" volume is. Let's say there is less HFT on a given day or week, does that mean there is less volume? Does that kind of volume matter anyway? Actually, maybe the "good" type of volume has picked up.

        Fundamentals are generally stable and you have to go on that. The economy seems strong enough to avoid any major QE here. The EU will do some, and Asia will stimulate. And given were interest rates are, stock p/e's are historically low.

        For the airlines ... I'll be surprised if the lull in close-in bookings doesn't end soon, if it hasn't already.

    • I agree , I can't help but think this market gets a good pullback just prior to Ben's announcement that he will print enough money to flood the world with greenbacks for another 5 years !!!!! I am on the side , patiently waiting .... I firmly believe the big boys are playing a little game here ..... But they are a tricky bunch , oh they are some tricky little devils !!!!!!! Europe has been way too quiet for too long .....

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      • It is within Big Ben's Singular Power to do so!....So factor Global Numerator and Denominator 15T / what is that in total? .05 of World GDP. So how much inflation can the U.S. stand to export to the world without becoming a serious Drag on any one economy? Would a 1%-2% Global tax seem unreasonable to maintain World Peace? Does the World Realty care about World Peace or are they only interested in their individual economic gain as they fail to contribute significant resources, militarily or financially to that effort and instead sluff it off into the U.S. Even un London where a faction says "Bleep the U.S. and their Iranian embargo!"

        ...........Do we need a Global Peace Maker? By Forcing an artificially short term demand in the Deficit "fiscal Cliff Now" "AUSTERITY NOW" are GS, Kudlow and friends leading uneducated ideolog Republicans into global danger so that they can complete the cover up to Elite Bail Outs of GS and the rest and even Bankrupting Main Street and Americans in the process?

        The blind and narrow minded Repeat blindly the Republican Rhetoric at their own pearl....and that of World Peace.

      • Hey.... you see XCO going back to <$7.00 ?