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  • vincent90157 vincent90157 Aug 28, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

    Oil Will Fade Soon Reserves Grew Today

    As soon as the first rocket is shot it will be sell the news. This stock will be over $16 again soon. If LCC gets the earlier court date the stock goes much higher.

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    • Well, you can hope. It's worth listening to Dan Dicker's CNBC clip on this. Dicker's the smartest guy in America about oil speculation; he understands the financialization of the market and hates it, but he doesn't let his hatred influence his trading predictions (he's a former floor trader, and those guys are notorious for not having fundamental opinions about what they trade). Sadly, Dicker still thinks the risk is to the upside on oil prices right now. Like everyone else, Dicker could be wrong on oil's next move, but it's important to realize that just because Syria makes no fundamental sense, that doesn't necessarily mean the speculators will bring prices down.

    • Lccs fuel cost rose 9 cents a gallon yesterday.. So much for the excess and ironturds "refinery"

      Sentiment: Strong Sell