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  • tomorrowyesterdaystoday tomorrowyesterdaystoday Dec 9, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    AAMRQ Investors-I've been down 85% on a stock before and I know how it feels-but you're not!

    Response to S/A and Motley Fools (who have since retracted their nonsense) So basically you're reading slide 1 and 2 and skipping to the 10th slide where it says "THE END". Extremely misleading article that you masterfully crafted to obtain the maximum number of inbound links and lots of traffic. Actually, I commend you on that, very well done to that end to get more $ out of SA.

    However, you can't say "the alphabet goes A, B, Z. What about the other 23 letters?" This is an efficient market. Not to make a personal attack, but you're not smarter than the 10 million people keeping an eye on LCC, AAMRQ, AAL, and all the lawyers, writers, analysts, market makers, fund managers, and investors. An 85% "oops" is not going to happen, the equity distribution has likely been read front to back a couple thousand times before it even came across your eyes and you cherry picked the first 3 paragraphs.

    It's very frustrating that you have opted to leave out the approximately 96% of value AAMRQ shareholders will be given every 30 days for the next 120 days. Although Friday closed out over $11, by the time it is fully converted, the equivalent will put us between $13.50 and $16 depending on how AAL performs each of the 20 day trailing periods leading up to the 30-day distributions. In summary, some of these writers should just be fired, period.

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    • 100% correct. The market and collective wisdom of all the traders, funds, investors would have corrected the AAMRQ price by friday. The closing price and the ramp up to that value clearly showed the market price discounted for the 120 period wait and risk to its present value.

      Essence of efficient market which also played out perfectly over the entire last year.

      Fully agree...Chill, everyone..

      Also, noting some new names ( paid shorters) who are claiming stake in AAMRQ. Did not see these folks before on the board....welcome anyway...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Dear,

        I am a new one on this board.. put$14k on AAMRQ @$4/sh. This morning my Scottrate broker said by this Thurday I will see my share converted from 3500sh of AAMRQ to 233 shares of AAL . It seems I lost $9k as he said. So sad .... if it's true... He did not mention about 30,60,120 days on hold. Hopefully he is a new stock broker. Anyway, honestly, I don't understand about 30,60,120 days at all. Please explan , I would appreciate. if this 's bother you, please ignore. I could not sleep well tonight. God bless you all