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  • wna95 wna95 Jun 5, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    New Financing

    While the new equity financing is dilutive, it will allow Bacterin to attract a top quality CEO. This is a very positive event for the company. Remember these companies typically sell for 6-8 X revenue. Bacterin's market cap is currently less than 1X. Look for a new CEO announcement in the next 30-45 days.

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    • Nine, Negative...Ain't Happening. "These" companies are lucky to get 1x revenue and 6-8x if they have an extremely robust EBITDA which Bacterin will likely never have. Competitors have eroded pricing and market share. Game over

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      • Skelregen,
        I have to agree with you, if Bacterin could sell for 6-8x then I believe Cook would have stuck around for the ride. But Cook, sucked the bank account dry before being asked to resign. I would also think that any CEO that is truly sincere in bringing Bacterin back from the black hole it dug for itself would work for what is available in the coffers to show his or her leadership skills.

      • The game is over, did you tell the folks at Bacterin, do you think they would listen to you. What other insights to you have. By the way what is your position, let me guess SHORT.

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    • I agree I'm not a big fan of a dilutive solution but, holy moly! 5 millions in cash, this gives so much margin for the next CEO to come and for BONE itself. And this is just IMHO, this 8.5 million shares bought at .57$ kind of sets the bottom at about that price (And do not forget that there are currently 1.2M shares currently shorted)

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