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  • smartthough smartthough Jun 6, 2012 10:31 AM Flag

    ADXS next news will move the pps 3 to 400%


    ADXS not move up 1 or 2 cents at a time. It will jump straight up that's why somebody is holding the pps down. When it happens the winners will be the people who already own ADXS stock. The only reason the pps is being held down is the greedy want it all. I think their plan has fail because the holders of ADXS know they have a blockbuster vaccine and are not selling but buying more. Best vaccine anywhere!

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    • So many were wrong about trial results moving the pps up that I really don't know what to make of it. Conversely since there seems no rhyme or reason to the guessing game, I suppose that any kind of unanticipated announcement could do it, if it gets a heavy and hot spotlight.

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      • Einstein, so many were not wrong with trial results moving the PPS up. Look at it this way, it is still early in the phase II game. ADXS is still under the radar because nothing definitive has been accomplished yet, although longs already know what will more than likely happen in this phase II trial. Let the PPS stay at these levels and allow people to accumulate, like me.

        I never expected the shareprice to go down this far after phase II trials began. Thought it would stay around 14 0r 15 cents. Have had a small position in ADXS since I got wind of it. Would love to buy more at these levels, but not too sure
        of how long these discounted prices will last.

        Anyway, although you have thought me a basher at times I always knew this one would take time. Lots of potential here.

        Long ADXS

    • Good to here that about our stock!

    • I totally agree with you, thanks!

    • Smartthoug: Don't totally discount the possibility that the experts see problems with either the India trial results---design, integrity, statistical---or with the basic technology that are not apparent to lay investors like you and me. Big Pharma managements have access to the best scientific advisers, and they certainly need new drugs with large commercial target like cervical cancer. The next update on the India trial should come in late July, when the 1 year anniversary group reaches a total of 55 participants, and if the reported data continues to appear positive and the market still doesn't respond, we have to consider our potential "knowledge gap" more seriously. The market's "invisible hand" usually has a pretty good grasp on the intrinsic value of a stock. Let's hope for a market epiphany that will send the price soaring. Good luck to all. David Sandler

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      • David,

        Advaxis is made up completely of big pharma execs and researchers who started their own company. If you look at the experience of the people who make up Advaxis you might not worry so much about the integrity or problems with understanding the trial data by the "big pharmas". While they may lack in self promoting and communication I have confidence they know how to taylor make a clinical trial with the big pharmaceuticals as the target audience for the results. Dr. Rothman has more than a few published articles about the importance of subject selection for clinical trials.

        As for the trials being done in India the FDA will accept all findings. These trials in progress in India are also not very condusive to cheating or fudging. The endpoint trial results are actually quite simple to evaluate. Dead or alive after 12 months. Of course there can always be a question of start point integrity but that is hardly just limited to India. JMO but the simpler desired result the harder it is to falsify the data. Not that it doesn't happen but it doesn't seem like a likely scenario that Advaxis would intentionally do that.

        I think Dr. Rothman has probably taken great pains to ensure the validity of all the data from enrollment, selection and documentation of the data collected.

      • This company is just simply flying under the radar and they aren't very good about tooting their own horn. It has nothing to do with the studies in India. I happen to believe that immunotherapy is the next big thing in cancer therapy because until a way is found to educate the immune system about cancer cells, specifically, cancer stem cells then there cannot be any real long lasting cures. This company is on to something potentially huge. I have other biotechs working on immunotherapy but just based on early results here none can produce as strong an immune response. Dendreon was the first but marginal product. I believe that ADXS will be bought out before the end of the year for 200 million which is quite a bargain but considering the economics of the time not bad which is 4-5X the price here. Good luck those that are long and hopefully ADXS will help with the battle.

      • David: I don't think there is any evidence of that. I don't believe that there is rejection on small imperfections of study design/execution. I truly do think current situation has most to do with "fashion" in the markets, and that then impacts on apparent worth of company. I think basic story and evidence are very good, and await proper notice being paid to them. The investment community appears to be occupied elsewhere, due to, well, "fashion". This may change at any time.

    • Can you look into your crystal ball and tell me when this next move will occur?

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