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  • kodykaiser5 kodykaiser5 Jan 21, 2013 6:27 PM Flag

    too much talk...

    Ive been long for nearly 2 years, never sold 1 share with over $20,000 invested- some at much higher than current price. There are a lot of intelligent posters with great input here, and I used to get excited and anticipatory about SP when this company is on the cusp of great achievement/news. The market response lately to such happenings has been a retraction in SP, followed by hoards of bashing and BS. Yet again, were on the eve of possible "groundbreaking" new and PR, and I can't help but get that old feeling of "here we go again" waiting to be let down. Im not terribly superstitious, but I think there is too much champagne poppin', excessive celebration, and over confidence about where this stock is going. I love this company and HOPE this is a great investment, but I get nauseated by all these newbies pumping, followed by longs I have respected and followed for quite a while getting on their same bandwagon. Those who have truly been here for the long ride, should know better than getting there hopes up too soon. And if you think I'm wrong look into the mirror and try to convince yourself.

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    • news happens so far apart, it helps a bit to chat a bit online and read what other people are saying, whether new or old to pass the time. I don't have as much invested as you, but I still am very curious about the future of this company, and speculating on my own between news would drive me crazy.

      It's also nice to have so many different people's perspectives. I'm in the field, broadly speaking, but there are so many potential roles that it's nice to get multiple perspectives. Just nice to read something different.

      It sucks to be let down, but it's been a learning experience with me. I don't invest till post phase II as the road is so long and it's hard to draw anything about efficacy from phase I or preclinical models. I do preclinical work in oncology and the models are just not very good and are often not done well when compared to clinical study design. I just saw something special here, so I broke that rule.

      I got in too early, which I tried to avoid, but I overestimated the interest in the cervical cancer trial. However, I think the data from the CIN trial will definitely give them an advantage at the bargaining table.

      HPV preventative vaccines have not sold as much as anticipated. However, if you do have CIN, you're going to be a lot more motivated to receive treatment than if you would be to get vaccinated. Also, there's been so many news articles about the cost of oncology drugs. There is a lot of interest in mAbs and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for cancer, but these drugs are far from cheap. Also, it's going to be difficult to beat the big players in this market as there is a limit in targets and cytotoxins capable to be conjugated. Other pharmas will soon need to look at other opportunities. Given the potential cost effectiveness of ADXS's platform, and the potential to still go after specific antigens, it could be a good alternative.

      Merck seems to be pursuing an alternate strategy. They are going after small molecule approaches, look at recent deals with threshold and endocyte. Also, they are strong in vaccines. This is just one example, but a good start up company will be pitching all over to various companies.

      I'm not sure what price you are expecting, but looking at other companies in phase II/phase III who have closed deals, I would not expect market cap over 500 million until late in phase III.

    • stockangel1 Jan 21, 2013 7:50 PM Flag

      Look Kody I can respect what your saying without agreeing with you at all. I'm a "newbie" and happy to be one! I have great enthusiasm for my investment and having had a very close family member survive breast cancer I can tell you I'm not just excited about making money also about concurring one of the most destructive diseases to affect the human population. I'm well aware this is not going to happen overnight and aware that it might not happen at all, and I'm fine with that. But what is wrong with "pumping this stock" please tell me? If you are "nauseated" then can't you just chose not to read the post, don't follow the message board if your not into it. You have the choice to read or not to read and if you are reading then you must at least be entertained.

      Personally I would not own a stock I was not over joyed and excited to own. I would sell and move on to another stock I did feel excited about, but that's just me. I can respect your decision to stay but please respect others decisions to be enthusiastic, over joyed, pumping newbies excited that this is the year for ADXS. I'm staying cheers to all investors the ones that have been here for a long time and the ones just coming in. What an exciting time to own stock in this company!

      Peace and good luck with all your investments in 2013 and beyond!

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    • Kody, Life is a garden sometimes weeds get into the mix and need to be sifted and picked, but results do matter and I honestly believe this year is when positive momentum will pick up SP. Completion of phase2 trials is always a major milestone. CIN results and India results should come out in the 1st half of this year. If POC is attained then one would have to then think a partnership is just around the corner. Even though trial results in the past have been good to great we were still in the early stages of the trial process.Upon completion of phase 2 results we will have a better understanding and a much greater chance at achieving our one GOAL and that is securing a partnership with a big pharma to extend our vaccines to phase3. Hopefully with the announcement of a partnership we will see a positive run up in SP .... Hang tight this is why you didn't sell any shares in the last 2 years, to have a chance at being in on the ground floor of what I will call ''the chance of a Lifetime". ADXS has the possibility of becoming a dominant player in the immunotherapy world. DNDN was the 1st but most certainly not the last, we have so much positive going forward as for as efficacy and safety that one would think the FDA would grant fast track status to our vaccine. Patience is required when playing a baby bio penny stock such as ours, dilution happens to all baby bio's but if we have POC our share count won't be a problem in the future! Our platform can be manipulated to work on our other constructs in our pipeline 15 in all. With that being said YES it's still a risk but one that I will gladly take 10 out of 10 times everyday. GOOD LUCK and hold on the train is about to leave the station.

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    • Sounds like somebody had a bad day. Hope you have a better one tomorrow.

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