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  • b.ostrov b.ostrov Feb 11, 2013 12:24 PM Flag

    Dramatic presentation?

    What was the purpose of this presentation?Why not wait till the mid dose CIN results are out?Why all this hype leading up to Monday?Can someone explain what these results have shown today in simple language?Clueless how to proceed with trading ADXS.

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    • hmmmmmmmmmm right ?

    • The "hype" was due to the fact that TM in the past had said mid-dose CIN results would be out in February. There was much speculation that this conference would be the one where those results were presented. TM actually did what he could to dissolve this rumor by saying a while ago that it only "may be" in February that these results would be presented, indicating that it would not be this meeting. At this meeting, however, he again stated that it would be "later this month" that results would be presented.
      Read between the lines, my friend: Mid-dose results are in, probably since December. and are being prepared. In the meantime TM has hired O'Connor who has experience inking deals with big Pharma.
      Connect the dots and BUY MORE!!

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    • It was an investor conference, not a medical conference. Dog and pony show. All companies show off their wares to potential investors. It's SOP. There was as much new information as Moore was able to give. He didn't really have to give any, but was trying to further entice interest. I think he did a great job. No longs were expecting anything more out of this conference. Good volume today. PPS should head up as other updates approach.

    • I believe the value to the meetings was not the high level presentation, but in the one on one meetings that I am sure TM/Oconner tandem have lined up this afternoon. Someone already took a substancial position today!!

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    • b.ostrov
      You need to do a lot of DD. don't just take our word
      on this stock.
      most of us longs feel this stock is going to rise substantially
      in the near future.
      do your DD.

    • mid dose results are already in the hands of management....Maybe Oconnor has a marketing plan or legal obligation not to release those at this time. But by end of feb, these will be released.....At this point no need to trade adxs, just buy some more.IMO........dmj

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