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    Advaxis, Inc. (ADXS) And The Long Fight Against Cancer
    Feb 26, 2013 2:13 PM | about stocks: ADXS.OB
    Few things in medical history have been so frustrating as the seemingly endless war against cancer. Huge amounts of money, together with some of the best minds in the world, have been pitted against the disease (actually diseases, since there are many types of cancer with fundamentally different characteristics), and yet progress, though undeniable, has been maddeningly slow. Now, almost suddenly, there are serious indications that it's a new ballgame, and that cancer has a rapidly dimming future.

    Advaxis, a New Jersey based biotechnology company developing the latest drugs for various cancers and infectious diseases, is helping to lead the charge in what could become one of the biggest developments in modern medicine, immunotherapy. Unlike chemotherapy, which uses chemical poisons to kill cancer cells, poisons which are indiscriminate enough to kill many healthy cells as well, immunotherapy uses advanced biological technologies to manipulate the body's natural immune system, making it able to both identify and attack cancer or other diseased cells with minimal damage to healthy cells.

    It's an exciting idea that has been around for a long time, but only now have the technologies developed to the point that proven drugs are starting to be released. It's the first dribble in what could soon become a flood, as the various issues common to any new medical technology are finally worked out. The initial industry bumps in the road are rapidly being smoothed, and government approvals are finally being awarded. Why so long?

    The answer is that, in order to attack cancer, it required a totally new in-depth understanding of, and ability to deal with, the internal workings of the human cell. Without this understanding, treatments could consist only of roughly tuned attacks on masses of cells that often resulted in the death of many healthy cells while many cancer cells remained alive to grow back later. This new understanding has taken decades of trial and error work to put together, time during which real treatments were not forthcoming. An entire industry of technologies had to first be developed to lay the foundation upon which modern therapies, like immunotherapy, are built. Now, at last, the final stages are being constructed, and new therapies are coming to the front. Work remains, but, thanks to companies like Advaxis, the long fight against cancer is finally turning.

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