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  • bmwcyclehwy1 bmwcyclehwy1 Apr 10, 2013 7:44 PM Flag

    Reporting results

    They are under no obligation to report anything until the time is right. Obviously I am as frustrated as many of you are yet I do understand the need to be sure that the reporting, i.e. is accurate, concise, backed up and presented in the right forum. I do not think that just because we have not heard anything all is bad. I actually think the results will come in and surprise many of us in a good way. All indicators as I interrupt them point to positive results. Just my thoughts.

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    • Agreed, great thread. He is my unsolicited 2 cents. Money is lost on emotion made by DD. I am long in this stock and trust my own DD. Before I invested I knew all pros and cons of Advaxis and the people who run it. For example if Biopure is news to any investor shame on you.

      I'm not chasing this stock I am accumulating when the opportunity presents itself. Keep in mind the following

      Don't worry about events beyond your control such as when news will be released, what will the daily price move be. when will they partner up. Nobody has a crystal ball it will happen when it happens.

      ADXS11,001 will either work or it won't. If it works great if not there are multiple others in the pipeline

      Biotech timelines are based on dog years. I probably invested way too early. My fault nobody forced me to buy.

      You control when and how much you own and when you buy and sell. If you feel antsy do what makes you feel more secure. Don't #$%$ after the fact good or bad.

      Trust only facts that you can verify and make sure you understand.

      Don't under estimate how much a stock of this nature can move up or down or how fast.

      Be realistic to yourself about how long trials actually take. Learn the relevance in price to the significance of a P1 and P2 result has on share price. P2 results are a big cataylst

      Consider trial odds at 50/50 success regardless of the company or drug.

      React to news not fear or excitement. It will all play out soon enough

      Good luck to all. This is the year longs will get a clear picture on how our investments will turn out. Good or bad. We will find out soon enough.

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    • I agree with you. All this talk about delay, bad results, bankruptcy and the sort is only coming from the bashers. The bashers are working on Longs emotions. It is very effective if you let them be. I ask all the Longs this question, What has changed since they came out with their business outlook? Everything thing in Phase 2 looked good and many were boasting. The only thing that has change is we have no new news and the bashers have put doubt in your heads. Again I say, nothing has changed from the time they put out their business outlook to today. We all know that ADXS is a gamble, come on it's trading around $.086 a share. Hopefully we will have great news from Phase 2 and start on Phase 3 and we will all be happy.

      Remember in the new letter ADXS team had said they were preparing for Phase 3, so that tells me they believe Phase 2 results will be good. Sit tight and don't let the bashers get to you and please don't converse them. GLTA

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    • Great post. I agree, ADXS is an investment that requires patience and will probably surprise us in a positive way when we least expect it. This is a good thing, as long it will likely have a material move up when penny flipper bashers out and leave them in the dust.

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