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  • stevecroce1111 stevecroce1111 May 17, 2013 9:27 PM Flag

    Hey PRD747 & Fbg0316 & Heyeinstein!!!!

    You guys criticized me for getting out of ADXS and into ACTC. You guys are looking prettyfoolish right about now, aren't you? I tried to warn you guys, but you were so sure, so cocky about ADXS. Now look at where you're at with this investment? Hate to say I told you so, but...........

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    • ADXS is very cheap now, still has great promise moving ahead. Admittedly, I'm disappointed in the stock price and recent management decisions, which have destroyed shareholder value. The good thing is that ADXS is largely owned by retail investors and most feel the same way and will vote down the extreme R/S and related increase in authorized shares and management compensation shares. It appears ADXS management feels confident about the prospects of the vaccine constructs to put forward such bold proposals. Unfortunately, these proposal will significantly dilute current shareholders in favor of future investors and are also a big gamble that ADXS can move forward beyond P2 alone, particularly given their recent mistakes in the CIN 2nd cohort trial design. The potential tradeoff in the bigger financial gain from holding out and realizing a bigger partnership later is a moot point IMO for current shareholders because we will not partake in the additional incremental profits at that point if the company moves forward with the R/S, as the shares will be spread out so thinly over a new and larger investor base (of course, ADXS would be taken care of due to the increase in management compensation shares in the proposal offsetting the dilution to them). The better option IMO is for ADXS to take a lesser partnership deal now with a pharma for HVP to move the company forward and enable current shareholders to participate in the advancement.

    • It is a strange turn of events. While its true ACTC is a one trick pony & ADXS has many, the ACTC trick is an oftley big one. I have bailed on ADXS on the up moves, but am looking to get in again. Split or not it is very cheap at a mkt cap under 40 million. ACTC you never get to bail, you just keep buying more & more. It has turned out to be the better play for now as there road to proving the science works is pretty straight forward. Some here spent too much time pumping ADXS on the ACTC MB & not enough paying attention here. Funny thing is I've made more money with ADXS then with ACTC to date, including a .047 to .059 trade this week. I normally only buy and hold, but ADXS has been very volatile as the picture keeps changing. No one should criticize you for making a sound move, and buying ACTC is not like buying INO.


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