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  • phbutter phbutter May 23, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    With the modifications, I am voting yes.

    I just had a long discussion with Dan, et al., and belive that good things are coming. But they need money to proceed with the science. Others (besides FV) are very interested. Possible orphan status. Hopefully up from here.

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    • PH Butter, Your as crazy as they are? Unless they(Dan and Tom) have given you the incentive plan to shield you against so much dilution, then I understand why your voting with them! They need to amend the Omnibus Incentive Plan and the Authorization of STILL too any shares! #2 - ok #3- against #4- against, still to much Authority to Dilute us the common shareholder to nothing! Sorry peanut butter but they need to get a lot more serious about the proposals that create too much DILUTION that can absolutely crush our investment here in ADXS! VOTE NO until they become more realistic..

    • If they were to decrease the amount of authorized shares to a proportion closer to the R/S ratio I would say YES. The R/S by itself does not bother me, its the amount of shares they want after that.

      I am close not there yet for me. It is good to see that people are realizing that the uplisting is just a numbers game and the license deal can be made in such a way to help ADXS get it done. I would not mind a #$%$ deal if it is structure in such a way for us to get the uplisting. This is not a one horse show.


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      • please be very probing in your analysis. and very cynical. they are, after all, from all appearances (cynical, that is. if they were probing, they wouldn't so often act like the bull in the china shop). while they may profess to value our opinions, it appears they think they're dealing with some real doofuses. That's a regular dictionary word: doofuses.

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      • Yes, something doesn't feel right that they are coming to shareholder asking for huge potential dilution at a time the stock is near its all time low (yet Tom Moore said the company would only initiate a R/S out of a position of strength.. And after we have watched the erosion of value over the last several years, we should believe that these proposals which statistically are much more likely to further erode our investment will actually add shareholder value? I'm not convinced.

      • Polaco, Right now my question is around the 50MM shares. I don't care about the R/S ratio, as I've said many times. I do care about 50MM shares. That will be what Dan, Mark, et al will need to convince me of. I'm voting against Proposal 4 unless it is revised down dramatically. They won't talk me into voting for Proposal 4 as written.

    • mytradesinc May 23, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

      Also spoke to Dan early afternoon. He called me...I did not initiate call. Main points Dan mentioned:

      They will do the R/S when 'appropriate'. Reason for R/S is to uplist to Nasdaq.
      Other requirements for Nasdaq could be satisfied with other licencing agreements/payments (which also could/should increase our pps).

      We do not have to take Fusion Vax deal if we get other better deals. They are BOTH still doing due diligence on each other. We ARE in discussions with several (i believe he said SEVERAL) other potential partners. If we get a better offer we can decide to take that. The extra shares will let potential partners see that we are strong financially and make them want to partner with us. They don't want to partner with a company that looks like it's not financial strong.

      He said he wants to do a deal with ADXS like he did with Imclone.

      He said Aegis thinks this is a good opportunity to uplist due to market conditions. Dan said this opportunity doesnt always present itself for a small bio like us and we need to take opportunities when they present themselves.

      Dan said that he REALLY believes in the technology and that most of his salary will come from shares he pays for..thats how much he believes in the company and the data results.

      He strongly beleves in ADXS and he thinks these proposals will get us to the next level we need to be at.

      I am voting YES on 2 and 3. MY COMMENTS....They are not selling us down the river they are trying to push us up a mountain...dont forget..CIN results were a bust (for now).. .if you think partners are just gonna come along and plop down tons of money without reassurance that we dont fold I think THAT IS NAIVE. We only hear about the other biotch deals that go through. We dont hear/know about all the other biotechs that are just hanging on waiting for an optimal partner. This is not as easy as most here think it is. JMO

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      • Phbutter/Mytradesinc, thank you for sharing. I have a question about Dan's comments regarding the partnership discussions with several potential partners, specifically that they do not want to partner with a company that doesn't look strong financially. That is quite different than what Tom Moore said at last year's AGM when someone (Donjay it may have been you as I recall?) asked him if ADXS' low stock price and market cap was a problem in attracting potential partners, and Mr. Moore said the market cap didn't make any difference to potential partners as they are only interested in the science and the potential commercial viability of the construct.

    • I think that for good relations, Dan ought to do something to aid in the impression of his veracity and probity, so that we feel we can easily distinguish between: "Dan said", and "Tom said". And, I do wish he would notice, and that the board would notice, that the company seems very top heavy with business types, relative to the employed science types, this being at its base a "science" co.

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    • "...believe that good things are coming." The changes in the provisions mean nothing as you will be diluted. The truth is WHY they need the money so badly. This company has difficulty finding financing. Many other biotechs manage to pull in the parter. Advaxis has not. They have failed a CIN trial and have not updated results for the P2 India trials as promised. This should be a warning shot across the bow for most investors. Post RS the stock would be valued at 5.25. If all shares are eventually issued, the stock would have to increase to over 30/share to avoid the dilution effects of new shares issued. That means a valuation of over 1.5 billion. For this to be a possibility, the company would have to have P3 trials completed, an application before the FDA and great results from P3 indicating the drug as a possible standout in the treatment of a common occurring cancer. So let's now look at the issue regarding P3 trials. Comments from Tom Moore indicated a year ago or so indicated that the company had every intention of partnering after P2 trials. Now the excuse for this dilution and RS is to raise money for P3 trials. This is a direct contradiction of the previous statements. Let's keep in mind that the CIN failed. No Partner. That means the ability to milk the gravy train a little further with the PROMISE of a P3 trial. This is absurd. The company should deliver results and management held accountable before allowing them the ability to dilute your shares and #$%$ away tens of millions of more dollars. The PROMISE of P3 trials is not the same thing as actually producing great P2 results and being rewarded with a Partner. Lets be clear, obtaining a large pharma partner for P3 is a big plus. Sure the eventual profits may be limited, but the chances of well designed P3 trials for success/approval are much higher. The costs are lower, the shareholders better protected. Just my 2 cents, which comparatively speaking, is all I have to loose on this one at this point.

    • I agree with you phbutter voting yes ,good news coming ,voting no on proposal 4

    • This rush to reverse split has not been justified, I am voting against for all, again,including for the removal of Tom as CEO.When the company starts to produce more positive results, with the current financing and in house shares,At that time I will be willing to consider a new Proxy,hopefully having proposals that are much more acceptable to my pallet and portfolio.

    • d_moffat May 23, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

      I think their post RS increase in stock is still too high. Also not a fan of the increase in shares they can give themselves. That leaves too much room for them to dilute current share holders and protect themselves with more options. They need to be on an even playing field with retail.

    • Careful PH, you may acquire a Troll with that type of talk. ;)
      BTW, I will call Dan tomorrow if he doesn't call me...

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      • Like you, I could care less about most others' BS on this boards. However, with the market cap this low, I do see upside. ASCO is going to be positive, but certainly no blow out. However, orphan status, plus additional licenses, shoud propel this upward. $23MM should give us funds for a long time, and if we get uplisted, that's a nice added bonus. They said they were looking for price apreciation before any RS.

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