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  • morgan0288 morgan0288 May 25, 2013 10:24 PM Flag

    If management is defeated

    on there proposals what do we do next I think most will agree on R/S if pps is up near .10 50-1. 2- they need to get away from toxic financing by a license deal or partnership , do they have that in the works I don't think so so how do they raise money which they need, selling shares proposal-3 55m ,what will we except . P-4 no way no compensation until they show us ,where headed in the right direction UP. After proxy is defeated the company will go back to what?, there plans will have been destroyed . MOP we need some real sound proposals sent to DAN and fast .

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    • can not be to cocky and stupid here force them into corner! they can take there ball and go home! file bankruptcy, reopen as adxs II, then we are boned! i applaud all those smart enough to vote no and get us where we are( reduced r/s), but make no mistake you can tell by there actions this is very important deal at this time! they have a plan and know what we don"t! ultimately we have to trust them, weither you like or not thats it! i didn't plan in being in this position any more then anyone else but they have not acted to this point to take more than was needed even though it was there! tom has 8 mil of his own money tied up and beleive they have more to lose than we do or gain for that matter! just got to trust

    • gajj_4 May 25, 2013 11:11 PM Flag

      insider compensation MUST be tied to share appreciation. a partnership is vital. somebody has to purchase rights to distribute (and not receive shares for the privilege). we can't rely on dilutive speculative investment. management wants incentive(s)...ok produce partners

    • Morgan,

      The easiest way for ADXS management to move forward from the situation of their own making, is to wipe out current shareholder value if we are all silly enough (or atleast just more than half of us) to let them. If we don't, they have other options. However, its human nature to not want the harder route that requires skill and effort.

      These guys work for us, not the other way around. Remind them of it. Both the shareholders and ADXS management will not let this company go bankrupt. The shareholders will also not allow the management to bankrupt the shareholders.

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      • I voted no last week MCA,just wanted to know what some of the long thought ,and what we can do together to solve this mess management has put us in. I really think tom is being paid to much and should go, we should make that happen .You are right they want a restart at are expense . mop

      • what if they are looking out for the best of all of us! since they know whats in front of us and have a plan to uplist, patrner up via agreement /fusionvax! they have a plan to keep us there! or they wouldn't even try! shorts will pile in, and boom! they're plan obviously have to combat the shorts! shorts will actually help us go up

      • So true Mca, no need to be in a hurry here management needs to be more realistic with US the shareholders that have gotten them to this point! Im not sure who is running this show anymore it sounds like DAN is ? He is the one that wants to start this all over at the expense of loyal long time holders of ADXS. Mca I have a question for you? Why in the world did management put out our proxy vote right before ASCO and ask for ridiculous share amounts after the R/S? They knew it would kill the share price and stop any SP appreciation run up going into ASCO? Are they that stupid not to realize that? Or did they want the share price deflated for some unknown reason to me? Sorry but something seems amiss here on a LARGE scale. Someone or some company seems to buy all the shares down here around .04cents I just feel we are being LIED to by our own management! Soon all will come out and I suspect We may all be very surprised at what transpires when it's made public. JMHO

      • Bankruptcy not an option. Less than $2MM debt down from $9MM last year. A bankruptcy court would throw them out and say go to your shareholders with reasonable proposals they will approve.

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