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  • finallyinthemoney finallyinthemoney Jun 13, 2013 9:26 PM Flag

    P2 Cervical Cancer/India trial results - Amazing Efficacy / Ignored by WS

    It def. seems quite the indictment of WS-BP in general - imagine were the ADXS-HPV recipients a bit healthier to begin with.

    Zacks -
    "After 110 patients and 264 doses, the safety data is encouraging. ADXS-HPV continues to demonstrate a well-tolerated and manageable safety profile with 32% of patients reporting Grade 1 or 2 transient, flu-like symptoms that self-resolve or respond to symptomatic treatment. Less than 2% of patients reported serious adverse events associated with ADXS-HPV. Published studies on chemotherapy treated patients like these show 100% of patients experiencing severe adverse events, usually multiple times. Serious adverse events result in death, are life-threatening, cause significant disability or require inpatient hospitalization.

    Great efficacy has been observed which are very promising. Compared to GOG historical one year survival of 5%, ADXS-HPV has achieved 36% one year survival rate. This is a huge improvement. Other literature data showed that generally, recurrent cervical cancer has a poor 1-year survival rate of 15% and a 5-year survival rate of 3-13%. ADXS-HPV’s 36% one year survival rate is also a 100% improvement. Further investigation is warranted. 18 month survival also reached 22%.

    ADXS-HPV appears to be emerging as an active agent in recurrent/refractory cervical cancer with significantly less toxicity than chemotherapy.

    The positive ADXS-HPV data may trigger partnership talks for Advaxis."

    *What wickedness seems afoot when a treatment surfaces which matches to exceeds best ever achieved chemo results and does so with pretty much transient flu-like symptoms vs overwhelming serious/deadly chemo SE profile - and about everyone just yawns as this company circles the financial drain. What a travesty - What an indictment. One would think, if nothing else, that a European or Indian Pharma, or even the Indian government, would just make an offer for ADXS, or pony up a $50 M lifeline simply for these poor women.

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    • Another factor in the chemo equation is that drugs such as cispatin are themselves carcinogenic.
      Folks like me who were saved by the drug (30 years ago now) are looking over their shoulders waiting for a new cancer to manifest.

    • So is the 'problem' that the trial was run in India? I mean how do you fake OS results and such a small percent with serious adverse events resulting from exp. treatment compared to the overwhelming percent which suffer very serious AEs with SOC? I mean there has to be a few BP or medium pharmas that realize the underlying technology has tremendous promise.

      Imagine, if they do the R/S at 125 and get the s/p in the vicinity of say $5, then AMGN comes along and takes 1/3 of the company for $6 or $7 million, multiple seats on the board, a commitment to take over P3 funding, and whatever else is standard in such arrangements (I have no clue how such deals are typically structured). On such an announcement, the share price would almost certainly go vertical.

      Maybe TW is not just blowing smoke, maybe some such deal is actually in the works. I find it a bit odd, considering the dire financial condition and the authorization for RS and share dilution, that the share price hasn't fallen back to retest the 3 cent level. In this weak market, wouldn't that be expected? So what is keeping the share price from dropping 25%? Makes me suspect that some hedge fund or a group of them are accumulating. Heck, if headlines crossed that AMGN had even taken a 10% position in ADXS for $2 million and a couple of seats on the BOD, the share price would likely open at 12 cents! LOL

      Somebody out there pay attention! The technology works and may be applicable to numerous cancers!!

    • In addition, chemo is still very expensive on top of all the negative side effects. Also, if I remember correctly, 8 of thelast 19 made it to 18 months, that 42%..............dmj

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      • Indeed! FWIW, I have contacted CELG Bus.Dev. with a very simple heads-up re. ADXS, the recent results for ADXS-HPV at ASCO which seemingly validate their platform technology, and of course their dire financial predicament - yes, I realize it is quite the long shot there. I just can't help thinking of so many women being forced into a devastating chemo regimen for no good reason, it is absolutely unconscionable - truly an indication of a type of wickedness in my opinion; some entity/CEO with both money and a social conscience needs to step in and just say 'not on my watch' will this be allowed.

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