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  • ironyworks ironyworks Jun 28, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    investor relations question submitted to Ms Moore

    Hello Ms Moore;
    I've been a stockholder for a considerable time now.
    I was intrigued by the science and thought it worth investing in.
    However, i'm quite uncomfortable with management's ignoble actions,
    not to mention your own seemingly lax performance.
    I see no reason to be encouraged about the future of the company
    ( that is part of your job), and no timetable for future study/trial results.
    Can you give me a credible reason not to sell my holdings at a considerable loss?

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    • sell and go away turd!

    • Ms.Moore who is this new member at Advaxis?

      Jeff Sherman I've joined Daniel J. O'Connor at Advaxis as a strategic consultant to the company, while retaining a board seat at MedicinesDirect.

      11 days ago

    • I"ll be surprise to see the pps shot up to 29-40 after split whoever sold would never recover it.

    • Allow me to preface this with I am not Diana Moore, or am I related to Diana Moore. I do not speak at the request of Diana Moore, or am I in the employ of Advaxis.

      I simply will say, again for the record, that you, and other investors that have made negative remarks about Diana, have no clue as to the level of work she does, or dedication "Ms. Moore" has for the investors. She follows the rules and guidelines that have been laid out for her, and provides all the information that she is able to provide.

      She works for Advaxis, and provides a service to the investors, in the capacity of Public Relations. How that makes people think that they are entitled to be abusive to her via e-mail and voice mail, is beyond me.

      My name is Christopher Michael Jones. And I ask that you turn your venom elsewhere.

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      • Hello Christopher;
        While the sentiment is certainly despairing, it is non unjustified.
        I've emailed her several times in the past since she took her position, asking for straightforward facts about my investment and without emotional color...and have never received the courtesy of a response. Company updates, progress reports, current website investor information are all unsatisfying. She appears to be unqualified for the job, as an art major. The obvious, additional element of nepotism can only make an investor disquieted
        That was not abuse! Neither was it venomous. WE BOTH KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.
        I only posted it when she didn't respond to it or any of my prior inquiries.
        Her job is to keep us well informed ( she hasn't) and in part, to act as a graceful flack catcher, putting complaints in perspective.

      • I see no reason for the name calling but I see her in a high visibility position with the company. The company is failing to deliver on what they promised, so unfortunately she is just another person to take the brunt of everyone's frustration. If you we're down 75% on your investment would you not be upset? It doesn't make the name calling right or will change anything that has happened but some folks just need to vent or could explode. :-). Blue, I would let Kharma handle those folks.

        What I would like to have seen assuming she is well paid for her position is her purchase stock since her Dad, cannot. This action would speak volumes I think on company direction and confidence. If she is not well paid, then shame on Tom. Tom give your daughter some money to purchase stock.

      • How do you know she does her work the way it's supposed to be done? You don't work there so how do you know anything about ADXS? I don't give two sheets about Diana Moore as she is a pawn, but when invested in a company that has only shown terrible shareholder value and very high salaries to upper management one does question the legitimacy of hiring her to that position when ADXS is in drastic need of a polished well informed PR director? This is what happens to the PR person when all sheet hits the fan, they are going to have to wear it as shareholders vent on how ADXS 's management keeps their high salaries and we investors have done nothing but lose 75% of our initial investment! Tom her Daddy could have taken the heat at the annual meeting but chose not to answer any questions publicly? Why was that? Diana is our lifeline to ADXS's management and as a shareholder they have every right to question every move that she has made since she is the PUBLIC (us) Relations liaison for Advaxis! I kick my self everyday for ever trusting Tom Moore and now he has chosen to allow his baby girl to take the HEAT from angry shareholders .... sorry bub but thats what the job entails sometimes when management fails at communications with shareholders! My name is Kristopher Michael too and i am sorry Diana has to take this abuse but it is well founded and could have been AVOIDED with more CLARITY from her dad Tom Moore ..... She can thank her pops for all the abuse since he hired her and is ALLOWING her to be verbally attacked by shareholders! She really has ''ZERO'' clue and it's just a title that she has but i'm sure WE shareholders are paying her quite well since Daddy put her in that position! F ing NEPOTISM !

      • I agree. It is lame calling Ms. Moore out when she is just doing her job. The real issue is people are mad because her father is CEO and hired her. I personally do not see anything wrong with that. The world works on relationships and connections. I know of people at my company who have a son who works there. I also know others when I asked them how they got an interview and ultimately job with the company said so and so or friend of the family works here and recommended them. In addition, my boss' wife used to work at the company, and guess what, he helped her get the interview that led to the job. Welcome to the world.

    • d_moffat Jun 28, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

      Good luck. I sent an email with a simple inquiry regarding the shareholders meeting and she never even responded.

    • Did you put a read receipt on the email to see if it even got opened?

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