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  • lakersss1 lakersss1 Dec 4, 2013 4:01 PM Flag


    I believe us longs need to link up some how and take some action .. I am not to familiar with all legal procedures , but like osty i am getting sick and tired of saying postitives after Positives with no reflection to pps ... I am down 80 f in percent and nothing has " transitioned " to anything .... This stock going to 20 dollars is not enough nor seems like it s getting there .... We are down after we came to nasdaq and have been sitting on this f in 3 dollar range since... I have spoken to dan personally and respected what he had to say but man im tired of all talk and no show ... Everyone is getting fed up with t moores bs he left us in and quite frankly if we dont get where we should by end of year us investors would be stupid to let them get away with all this is cheap we need to see the transition ... I keep hearing we are building adxs to partner or sale but the value of the stock just goes down by every news ... Cant you see we need a partner or a buyout .. This is sad and very emberassing for me to get 10 good friends to invest here for 4 years and have the company walk all over us longs ... The people who believed in the science from day one are getting disrespected and played. I am so fraustrated

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    • lakersss, Who can deny this has been a "Transformational" year for Advaxis. TM didn't say a transformational year for the Share Price...he said for Advaxis, The Company.

      Here is a list off the top of my head...
      1. Phase 2 Cervical (India) Completed, Data Published, Efficacy and Safety indicate POC and justifies continued and expanded testing.
      2. Other Phase 1/2's Advancing (GOG Cervical, CRUK H&N, Brown Anal)
      3. New Phase 1 for Prostate, New Phase 1 announced at Icahn, Mt. Sinai for H&N, and new Pre Clinical work for cHER2 Breast Cancer
      4. Canine Osteosarcoma Phase 1 Progressing to Phase 2 over the next 6 months
      5. Reverse Split, Capital Offering raising $26MM, Exit Toxic Finance deals
      6. Uplist to Nasdaq CM, Exchange Traded Warrants
      7. Orphan Designation Received for Anal Cancer and Head & Neck Cancer
      8. ODD and BTD application Cervical Cancer...TBD
      9. New Chief Science Officer (Petit), Chief Executive Officer (O'Connor), Chief Operating Officer (Mayes), Independent Board Member (Sidransky)
      10. Additional Pre-Clinical Science supporting combination of Advaxis treatment with PD-1 Antibody "Significantly improves Immune and Therapeutic efficacy.

      If instead of using the words "Transformational" year back in February, TM would have discussed all of these goals/(accomplishments) and then said...

      "Here is a list of all the things we are going to get accomplished this year my fellow shareholders, I think you'll agree, we expect 2013 to be a transformational year for Advaxis"

      ...would you have argued with that point?

    • lakersss1
      I don't think you s/b investing in bio techs
      very high risk reward

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Research company. What'd you expect? When it pops it will go up fast. No guarantees, that is what you get with these types of investments. I bought another block today.

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