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  • peregrinearchery peregrinearchery Aug 8, 2012 6:51 PM Flag

    VP sold 2k shares August 3rd, reported today

    Have fun investing in a stock that loses money every quarter, went bankrupt before, and will probably go bankrupt again.


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    • FNP or Liz nver went bk, Uptrend still there and 209k buy in last 15 minutes and it is not for charity. Long, medium and short trend up so why should we sell. Runors of buyout also, 2 strong brands with Kate Spade taking market share from Coach.

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      • LOL, the most commonly used phrase by people trying to justify their crappy stock, "gaining market share" HAH So is BLDR. You want to go long that too?!?! Yes the stock is moving up and people are buying, but every other stock is going up too, it's a bull market! (for now) What happens when it corrects? Have you seen the yearly chart? FNP always dies first!

        Better to be short than long here! Market share won't make those negative operating margins any better! The only reason people are buying FNP's products is because they are selling them at a cost people are willing to pay for overpriced chinese goods, if they raise prices they will LOSE THE MARKET SHARE

        FNP will never get a net income again