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  • utprosim utprosim Aug 3, 2011 5:09 PM Flag

    Short to medium outlook

    Upgrades, positive news, and one year price target increase usually yield a price decline for this twilight zone stock. I just don't get it. I'm not Warren buffet here, but this is all a little illogical to me. I think someone posted on iv today was pretty close...and I'll add a little of my own here. Neop was really unknown before the spring run up. A lot of pumping and a good spring press coverage got a lot of retail investors in, some flippers, some long term, both seem to be gone at this point. At this point I give deference to the analysts, the inst buyers, and I'll also concede that the run up was some irrational exuberance, but kind of like the housing bubble, prices have gone down further than logic would dictate (I'm thinking Florida real estate here).

    I also think the time horizon scared off a lot of retail people. We are still a ways away from approval, sales, and profits to the bottom line. To me the science of rigs is good, but it is years away. I see the sh meeting to be a non event. Nda a non event. I don't for see any real run ups until approval, and I hope I'm wrong on a lot of this. I think we will have a depressed sp for 6,8 months,


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    • I agree filing of the NDA will be a non event. The catalysts IMHO will be different from what people are thinking.
      First will be hopefully the denial of CP which should bring some retails investors back. Second would be the acceptance of the NDA. The other potential catalysts are signing of a partner for Europe and may be some kind of down payment dependent on the agreement. Finally the Head and Neck trial; if it is succesfull and it looks like if Neop can potentially get the Sentinel Lymph Node designation then we should be able to get back to the 5s. Unfortunately I do not think the interim look is going to happen till early 2012.