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  • electdon30 electdon30 Mar 1, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    My obervations last few days

    There was a planned take down on thursday to accumulate shares . 81K share sell off triggered stop losses and some investors sold in panic. 690K bought at 1.80-1.81 close . small incremental bot selling friday , today march 1 and again 522K buying at close at 1.80.. something is up ?
    Now you have a conference on wed next week march 6th, what the hell are they planning ? If company was in trouble there wouldn’t be that amount of buying.. there would be a sea of red.. I have added up selling vs. buying and there has been more buying.. It appears nobody else is seeing this.. These shares add up and its not the retailers buying... its all automated for the most part... I'm not giving them a flipping dime. This will move up shortly

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    • I would appreciate any rationale comments from other observers . Normally on a company that faces a dire future you have massive sell offs particularly at the close of each day to trigger more selling the following day.. That is not the case here... Also , form 4's came in today.. with two small sells in amount of 21K. by CEO and attorney Shares were sold on wed at 2.07 - the high of day at close.. The following day, thursday , the stock dropped to 1.78 or so and the high of day was 2.02... Coincidence on the selling on the eve of take down ? Now the CEO holds around 1.2 mil shares and attorney around a half mil shares. Its not the amount sold , but the timing on the sale. If my theory is correct, company knew of take down on thursday and is now accumulating much more ... It will be interesting next week to find out who is buying .. stay tuned