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  • rlbeard6734 rlbeard6734 Aug 22, 2012 1:00 PM Flag


    so how many shares you up to now, i see you got your 7000 this morning at 9.75

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    • Rodney & your negative friends: I find your responses to my posts interesting but weird. I did take time to post my trades so that the team would know that I was legit as opposed to speculation that I was here to blow out some stock. The time that I took to indicate my activity in 2011 and how I got out before the FRD crash was written to indicate that I can be flexible when my intuition indicates something is wrong with my initial decision.

      As far as spending my time to bring info to you on potential winners... I have done that for others for years. However I trade approx 20 million dollars in securities every year and concentrate on earnings beats vs analysts. In the case of the groups I closed I wasn't getting enough feedback from others on their research to bring something to the discussion format and my time is limited during earnings seasons when I do most of my trading. I did not have enough volunteers to monitor the groups.

      I have less reason to bring you my stock selections than I did the groups as you have only showed how inconsiderate and childish you are by your comments on my posts.

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      • I do not seee where any anal-cysts are following FRD. ANd if oyu buy/sell here in that volume you are killing yourself.
        ps one can not be too negative and be a stock investor as oppossed to a trader. Skeptical, yes!

      • I do not feel I have responded to your comments but courteously, from the one post I thought you were disclaiming be by telling me my trades and that I had lost money. this is in reference to the post titled Rodney, and that is what other posters thought that emailed me wondering how you knew my trades which when I checked did not correspond to your posts. Until now I did not realize that you were talking about your trades. I realize you trade large amounts and I already have a good idea what companies you trade as I have already looked at your other posts. I welcome you here and I have no idea who the other poster pay nerd is as he has only posted once under that name. If I have hurt your feelings I am sorry, I did not mean to do so. I also added more today. I feel we will both do well here when the time comes and intend on adding more. While I do not have the ability you do , I do have a decent position here although I trade only 6 stocks currently this is my 5th largest holding, aapl being one half of my portfolio. I checked enough to realize you where a part of the board of stock power and that board has become inactive on that blog. I again am sorry if I hurt your feelings and I do not ask others there other positions until I get to know them much better GLTU here and elsewhere. We are more on the same page than you think and hope to get to know you better.

    • I think he wants to be nominated for the BofD. Sure beats that dude with 200 measly shares. What a piker! and he has FRD shareholders in mind?

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      • what gets me is the crap Thiel is catching for selling most of his FB holdings, he still has a larger holding in FB than almost anyone in the fortune 500 companies BoD do in there companies, share or money wise. Maybe if stock team keeps buying and I keep buying then one of us three can have a small chance lol Between the 3 of us we have close to 40k SHARES that ought to get us a slight mention but probably not a cup of coffee, lol

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