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  • myhootchi myhootchi Dec 9, 2008 8:54 AM Flag

    VoIP in USA Today

    ATLANTA, Dec 08, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE)

    ITUI 0.05, -0.01, -16.7%) , a leading developer of award-winning patented and innovative high-quality mobile applications and services, today announced that its leading Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") solution, MyGlobalTalk(TM), was included in a special report highlighting the advantages of VoIP that was distributed in USA Today, the largest circulation daily newspaper in the nation, on Friday, December 5, 2008.
    The extensive review of the overall benefits of VoIP, including the specific benefits of VoIP for long distance and mobile calling purposes, was included in issues of the paper distributed in five major metropolitan cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington and Chicago. The insert was available in over 750,000 papers, which have a pass-along readership of approximately 1.8 million readers, and was designed to provide business-oriented readers with a broader understanding of VoIP and the current and future applications for the technology.
    i2Telecom's Chief Executive Officer, Paul Arena, was interviewed for a feature in the report entitled "Taking VoIP Mobile", which included a description of i2Telecom's MyGlobalTalk(TM), a leading, low-cost international calling solution for cell and land phones that is very user-friendly and does not have to be tethered to a computer. i2Telecom also advertised 20 minutes of free calling time with MyGlobalTalk(TM) on the cover of the special insert.
    "We were very pleased that USA Today recognized the timeliness of explaining the phenomenal value of VoIP in a challenging economic environment, and we were thrilled that MyGlobalTalk(TM) was featured as one of the leading mobile VoIP solutions," observed Mr. Arena.
    The article may be accessed at the Company's web site at
    About i2Telecom International, Inc.
    i2Telecom International, Inc. is a leading developer of award-winning patented and innovative high-quality mobile applications products and services that employ best-of-breed VoIP technology and use a combination of the Company's own services network and the Internet to deliver high-quality phone calls, streaming video and text chat to customers on a global scale. i2Telecom International provides its VoiceStick(R), MyGlobalTalk(TM), Digital Portal communications and microgateway adapters for VoIP long-distance and other enhanced communication services to its subscribers. Its patent pending services technology platform is compliant with the Session Initiation Protocol ("SIP") telecommunications industry standard. For additional information visit or or or call 404-567-4750.
    SAFE HARBOR Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act. With the exception of the historical information contained in this release, the matters described herein contain forward-looking statements that involve risk and uncertainties that may individually or mutually impact the matters herein described, including, but not limited to, product acceptance, economic, competitive, governmental, results of litigation, technological and/or other factors which are outside the control of the company. Actual results and developments may differ materially from those contemplated by these statements depending on such factors as changes in general economic conditions and financial or equity markets, technological changes, and other business risk factors. i2Telecom(R) does not assume, and expressly disclaims, any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

    Copyright Business Wire 2008

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    • Excited

      I’m not getting excited or even that much upbeat.

      The PPS is at 15¢ on fantastic volume and I’m like most way under water.

      With this news the stock hasn’t moved, period.

      • 1 Reply to jwrye
      • Hawww-HEE the jokes on the bunch of you. UTGI is DOA, not a pulse, no money in their bank, they have less money than PVSP!!

        Once a liar always a liar, and Riss and Richards have lied time and again over the last 4 years. Their pants were on fire but now they be naked and plain as day for anyone to see the lies they pass like farts in the wind.

        Ask Richards for a picture of the new SPOP/NOC in Florida, and some of his amazing SEAL team. NOTHING is what you'll get, not a thing.

    • It wasn't 7.83? It was 7 3/16 or 7.1875. I know because I had my finger on the trigger and couldn't pull it; been kicking myself ever since.


    • $7.83 - Yikes - we all should of sold and made money and not have had to go through this misery. For all our differences - we are still here as a result of stuburness to see a return on our long,long,long investment - or is that stupidity?

      But for all the years and deals announced nothing has been so promising as this UTGI deal - on the other hand no deals have ever really panned out.

      I remain cautiously optimistic that this UTGI deal blossoms. And insanley optimistic that UTGI can deliver a market changing mobile-voip technology that drives our share price to over $2 bucks.

    • Back in 1998 I was offered a job on an oil rig. I coulda made loads of money.

      In 1972 I stayed at the Watergate Hotel, but I fell asleep and did not see the light in the windows next door.I coulda been famous.

      Coulda woulda shoulda.

    • Correction Mickey,We could of sold this at $7.83.

    • Hootch good find - thank you.

      Can we read into this article that i2 has a contract with a top four mobile company?

      This would support the UTGI claim that they have one as well.

      • 1 Reply to Mickey072397
      • I don't doubt that UTGI has a contract with a top four network provider....whether TMobile or Sprint or Hoochie Guccie Coo...I don't think they will be able to raise a fricken dime to take advantage of it....why does VOX need UTGI to get the same contract? We don't need them....we need to get out there and push our own Android/HTC phones over the same network...what is wrong with these people????!!!!

        Is the collective wisdom of this organization so low on the scale that they can actually think they should be appreciated for "doing something" no matter what the result? "...oh you should be more positive, Apple took 9 years..." Uuuuuuuh...wha....wh...huh??? Can we get some new leadership here PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

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