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  • stockpicks101 stockpicks101 Jan 15, 2010 8:29 AM Flag

    the way PVSP will likely go

    - offers have probably been made to buy us out, for the tech? for our customers? for the back end? whatever, all must have been too low for Laurus to consider.

    - though it looks like someone finally got it through their thick heads that we've got to buck up and market this on our own, too bad they had to lose all our money learning the hard way. Only now are they realizing 3rd party marketing has been our downfall all along. Too bad our bonehead management took this long to wake up. Now we have less than zero dollars for marketing and since Ron Harden hasn't had a thing to work with in 3 years, he's waiting for a couple crumbs to fall off the table.

    - in the end, Laurus will settle for $5-7.5 million and lick his wounds and go home. He gets all the money (terms of the financing arrangement) and we get nothing. We are like a rock in the stream watching all the fish swim by. Big fish, little fish, everyone is moving forward but us. All we catch is their excriment. The tech is so far beyond Richards that his seals are jumping ship. We don't qualify for SeaWorld, let alone being able to make it on our own. Laurus must see that by now.

    - ideas are just thoughts, getting them into place are just plans. Making them work is the measure of success. Too bad our management doesn't have a grasp on any part of the equasion.

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