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  • betonthenews betonthenews May 6, 2009 9:40 AM Flag

    Some thing is wrong with RDS-A

    stock price quote, yesterday RDS-A closed at $48.01 here at NY,
    look at the price now at $47.87, +.57 and why is RDS-A so weak
    compare to BP?

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    • It's been a long time since RDS-A was below $50. where do you get your stock quotes?

    • help_i_cant_stand_it_anymore help_i_cant_stand_it_anymore May 13, 2009 2:20 PM Flag

      Nothing is wrong in Shell. Nothing was wrong when the German Vermacht insisted it was not a good idea to split up it's forces and attack the Caucuses and Stalingrad at the same time. The overriding command came from the top. Nothing was wrong when Shell decided to meddle in profitable, well run business's who's markets were sound and made a nice penny on their products. Closing the Blue Coral and MEDO facilities for instance and putting their Hitler-esque cronies in charge of the retail side was certainly not a bad decision, was it? Having Vinny and Scotty from the procurement group running the entire show, hey! That was a damn fine decision- -nothing wrong there. Spending millions to build a new plant only to moth-ball it a few years later, nothing wrong there! Gee, let’s outsource all this junk in China! Nothing wrong there. Wipers, no problems. Shipping bottles of tire shine from Hong Kong. Nothing wrong there! Selling the most profitable asset in terms of percent net and profit ROI, to the misguided man with the wine name, who will remain one of the most despised vendors in his industry, has a horrible reputation and is viewed as a despicable scoundrel. He is viewed as only riding the coat tails of his partner at the GCIIFPP (sopus terms) Greater Chicago Institute of Incompetence for Private Packaging. Sell the stuff back at cost plus 5- -nonsense. These were great decisions. Nothing is wrong. Keep telling yourself this and click your heels, soon you’ll be back in Houston with all the sycophants and butt kissers that drove the old independent car care companies to their graves.

    • RD opened ex-dividend today which means RD actually opened @$47.17. Any up or down is driven by the market. $.84 dividend payable June 10.

50.78+0.70(+1.40%)1:43 PMEDT