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  • retiredguru3 retiredguru3 Jan 22, 2014 9:20 AM Flag

    Trading Opportunities

    If one looks at the one year RDS price summary and includes the Bollinger Bands it is apparent that during the past year, there were 5 major trading trading opportunities. No clue as to what will happen in 2014...but Bollinger Bands are one (of several) methods to help determine when to trade...

    I think that most traders here do look at Bollinger Bands...but for anyone considering trading, take a look...and also consider the thoughts of those who post here...generally very good advice...

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    • Patience is our friend right now and sitting in cash is also our friend. Market is beginning to unravel at the start of 2014 and is kinda scary right now. My gold holdings are doing well this year and I suspect may do much better if the "gloom and doom" crowd is even partially accurate. Best to sip tea by the roaring fire and relax ........

    • According to Bollinger band, RD is very Bullish breaking out above the upper band and the 20 day M/A crosses over 50 day M/A, RD breaking above the upper two year trendline, weekly RSI is 63 (bullish), The only danger here is the earnings that could cut your knees when they announce it. The overall market is due for a pullback. It has been advancing for 5 weeks (nasdaq and russell), SPY and DIA is consolidating. It could pullback more than 10% anytime because we only have one correction in 2011 that is about 10%. If you enter be quick to pull out. retiredguru has better option to mitigate moves to buy or sell options to correct position. Just my opinion.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • When I was in the working force I used my gut feelings for msny years and did quite well and then I started using my stock broker and did well even after retirement and then came computers and then 911 and it become harder to see trends and then the the world it's hot spots started driving the market more and more, now it is becoming hard to know what to do so now it seems the cycle leads back to where I started.
      Drats! Now where was I? Looks as 'tho I missed again and RDS is harder to figure. BTU

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