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  • sexyladyfitness sexyladyfitness May 22, 2010 7:46 AM Flag

    Potential Grant Money News

    Great Find..
    I would say we fit into the category to get Funding..
    It would be pretty Big News..
    It would show the acceptance of our Technology.
    And Any Cash Company can get without Dilution is good for us as Shareholders of course..

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    • Thanks Lady.

      I do think they'll get the grant money. In the article they mention cancer as being a focus area for the money. Also, keep in mind, Guided Therapeutics has shown the consistent ability to navigate the (I'm sure complicated) process of applying and receiving public funds (i.e- NCI / Georgia Research Alliance). I'm certain you must dot your "I" and cross your "T" to get the money. We are fortunate that GTHP is this type of company. Paperwork, and proper controls are so important to work within the medical field. Startups may struggle with this, but remember Guided Therapeutics has been there before. Experience does matter and as a matter of fact if look at the key people at GTHP, you'll see they actually have done reviews for the the NIH.

      Anyway, thanks for the response.

      It is a little discouraging to see the share price where it is, but as long term holder, I just ignore this as noise in a much bigger picture to unfold. The key is to keep assembling little pieces of the puzzle and that is what good due diligence can do. I do think you and I follow the same philosophy.

      The shareholders meeting is coming up this week. If anyone goes, please report back on the meeting. I'd love it hear about it, since I can't attend.

      Best to you Lady and all the longs.

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      • The current share price is indeed Disappointing and Surprising- I thought Company Guidance on the PMA Filing for Quarter 2 would put pps in the .90's 'at least'> but I just look at this as a gift of opportunity to accumulate more Shares before the next runnup.
        We cant let current pps fake us into believing something is wrong.
        In fact,the latest 10Q had the MOST encouraging nuggets of information that only gave me more confidence we will reach our goal here..Lien of Assets removed-Paid off most of their Debt-And the News of PMA Filing expected this Quarter.
        Clinical Trials and Followup of Patients a total Success as we know- So What more can we ask for?

      • Thank you Robin> best to you too--
        I am so counting on this to work for us for not only our Shareholder Value ,but the many lives I believe this Device will save Women as the years progress-Not only US/EUROPE,but also Poor 3rd World Countries with insufficient Health Care..
        And if it works for Lung and Esophageal too,you are talking about one of the best Medical Devices invented in a long time' not far fetched..We do have a great shot...

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