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  • sexyladyfitness sexyladyfitness Jun 18, 2010 9:14 PM Flag

    PMA Filing..We are sooo Close..

    Within the next 13 Days Folks'''

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    • Thanks...I actually checked it out and it looks great.

      Will delve more tomorrow!


      WHY ZERO volume today? Is that right?

    • Don't usually do this (check my posts) but I'd like to invite this calm, cool and collective group to check out our group at

      Lots to do and check out. many tools and live trading help/suggestions and chat. 3 ventrilo channels that are never used and we only have one girl..MsMuffy who is also an investor here like myself.

      You'll be amazed at what Bill our Admin has done with this site AND IT"S FREE.

      It's also free of all the bull you will find on yahoo and why we like it.

      Good luck to all ;)

    • Thanks, Mel,

      I just got 12,000 shares through at ninety cents. And I am transferring more cash and will hold 25,000 shares by Friday.

      To be honest, I like to see so many females om the board, like you and Robin and Sexylady.

      This company really has a lot of plus points for me---so I am very grateful it was recommended.

      I like to have one spec play a quarter, typically a biotech. They are risky, but the rewards can be incredible. Of course, I feel compelled to note that NO ONE should ever invest money in a spec play that cannot be LOST...just in case someone takes my buying this stock as an indication for success. I hope for success, but I can also afford to lose $25,000.

      Please do not take that as arrogance. I certainly would not like to lose this money but it is from a fund that was amassed from gains on other spec plays; in other words, I am playing with the house's money on this one.

      Had to issue that caveat.

      Thanks for the immediate response, Mel. I appreciate that.


    • This may be the next VRML.PK with FDA approval.

    • As a very long term holder, to see the PMA finally filed, is very exciting and astounding event given the difficult pathway to this point. The development process is approximately 10 years, believe it or not.

      I'm glad I stuck with this company. My research and gut told me that this was an exceptional company and worthy of the extreme patience required to see this investment turn into something valuable as a shareholder and for people's healh (I want to be part of something worthwhile and make money...much better than an investment in say...tobacco as Lady has said before). They are truly a pioneer in the arena of biophotonics. Google biophotonics and you'll see that it will change the face of medicine down the road. It will take time, but I feel Guided Therapeutics, with respect to biophotonics, is what Microsoft was to personal computing in the early 80's. I'm not saying they will be as successful as Microsoft, but this company has tremendous potential to be a game changer like Microsoft.

      The company stated for many years that they intended to spin the cervical cancer product off as a separate company (Spectrx owned Guided Therapeutics as subsidiary). When they stumbled on bringing their non-invasive glucose monitor to market, I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that they we're keeping the cervical cancer product, changing the name of the company to Guided Therapeutics, and making the cancer dectection the focus of the company.

      They rewarded everyone both inside and outside the company for hanging in there. I'm very pleased, grateful and feel confident the battle hardened team in place will deliver on many fronts down the road.

      Until they are properly funded, their first product launched and proven successful, there is still plenty of risk, but I think the rewards will justify our patience. We shall see.

    • sockerref Jun 18, 2010 10:40 PM Flag

      I don,t smell the cake baking yet but I believe the oven is pre-heated.

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