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  • cytomotw cytomotw Jul 24, 2013 7:35 PM Flag

    Vote here if you're tired of the lack of progress

    The tech is amazing on paper but has yet to demonstrate it with sales. In the meantime we languish in the vicinity of the secondary price. This is getting old - very fast. Vote here if you concur.

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    • Very frustrating. It is late July and we are not hearing from the FDA. I wish I had sold 1/2 of my position before the secondary when we had a run to 90 cents. I just feels it is a mistake to sale here at 67 to 68 cents. However, I do not blame the sellers because this stock just feel so hopeless day are day going down 1 penny here and there. I am holding my position but my confidence erodes each day. Too late to sale but I understand the lack of buyers.

    • been holding GTHP since 2010, and it appears to be taking too long for their product LuViva to get US approval. But that's the normal process. As someone noted, approval could come tomorrow or one year from now. Unlike drugs, medical devices do not have a specific approval date.

    • I got in 1993 when sprx branched off from Lazor Atlanta.In 1996 the stock went to 19.57 a share.I lost 17000 warrants last year so I am on the boat tooooooo.Our day is comming soon and I wiil not be standing around this time.What new investers dont understand is alot of people like me let alot of there warrants expire like me.The price should be higher than last time we were waiting on FDA because there are alot less warrants out there.I dont understant why the price is so low now.

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    • Vote = Yes. This could drag on as long as the FDA wants...and it probably will. I know.. sell if you don't want to be here. Like most of you, I've been here long enough that I might as well just wait it out now too.

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    • I'm really trying to be patient but it is becoming more and more difficult. Been in this a long time just waiting.

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