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  • amoorhea1234 amoorhea1234 Aug 27, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    How about an update Faupel....

    Once again Faupel and his team are giving us no information, no updates, no nothing....What the hell do they do all day? Are they gamers? Do they play online poker? I know one thing....He can't be that busy because every time myself or one of the other investors call, he either picks up the phone or calls us back immediately. The problem is we get a rundown of all the hard work they are doing and progress being made. The latest bit of progress is that he is in regular contact with the FDA and they have told him a decision will be made by the end of the 3rd quarter. My guess is that this too is a "half-truth"....actually he probably spoke to them on July 3rd and hasn't spoke to them since. So far in my 5 years of being an investor here are the list of flat out lies and half truths I have been subject to directly:
    1. Jan/2012- CE mark is "imminent"; we expect it any day. That was unusual because we later found out GTHP had not even applied.
    2. March/2012 - We expect to have CE mark any day. Great news until we found out the CE mark was for the previous machine design.
    3. June/2012 - We expect the updated CE mark by the end of Sept/12. We then found out that the approval was for part 1 of the edition 3 CE mark.
    4. July/2012 - We expect to have the FDA amendment sent in by July at the latest. Well that happened in November and he blamed the whole thing on the FDA.
    5. November/2012- We expect to have the edition 3 CE mark finalize by the EOM. Whoops....i guess he meant to say Part 2 of 3 of the edition 3 CE mark. HOLD on everyone it's coming soon
    6.January/2013 - We expect to have the CE mark finalized...again by the EOM and have $35M in PO's just waiting to be shipped to the EU....Disappointment once again.
    7. February/2013- We finally get CE mark only to have the absolute worse piece of PR announcing it that's ever been published....A faint whisper would have been better.
    8. March/2013 - Sorry, but your warrants aren't worth $hit...good luck next time and thanks

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    • FYI, I'm not bashing and I'm not selling. This technology is state of the art and too good to give up. All I'm saying is that it is time to start being proactive, guided team and investors. .68 is unacceptable. Do what you have to do. Mark, keep us informed accurately. We have helped significantly helped fund this company and technology. No excuses!

    • Well said amoorhea. It's about time we start seeing some sizzle with this piece of gristle. I keep telling myself hang in there, hang in there, hang in there. Well I'm hanging in there alright, by the piece of skin between my testicles and my #$%$. And that's hard to do and imagine. Bottom-line, it's time to #$%$ or get off the pot.
      I do know how the FDA works. It's our federal government at it's finest, especially during this Obama slap ya mama regime.
      We have 2 board members that are supposed to be "walking us through the process". Hart and the new chick(dean of UCLA, Obama appointed nothing).
      So far-NADA. Except for receiving our warrants that we passed on. The whole warrant you I concur that that was the biggest crock. I dont know if you remember, but the process of exercising those warrants would have been better if it was relayed to me in Cajun Chinese. 3 different employees at gthp, 3 different directions. Then a " I'm sorry, you have one day to execute(which by the way was on a holiday).
      I feel your pain. I have been in this as long as you have and have a lot at stake. Maybe it's time for us to start contacting our state representatives or take some legal action against the FDA.
      You would think by now guided would have been proactive and do something, but apparently, theyre not.
      It's time.
      Mark Faupel, start showing us something.
      .68 is not acceptable!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • 9. May/2013 - We are securing more financing... Other than Dr. Imhoff, all the others involved in this deal DO NOT DESERVE #$%$ Ronald Hart??? are you kidding me. He is our amazing FDA lesion. Nice definitely deserve to get my warrants I held for 3 years. Why not just give some more to Michael, james!
      10. August/2013 - The shipment to turkey was held up because of software issues.....WHAT SOFTWARE ISSUES? That's my favorite excuse yet

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      • Wow! Someone actually more frustrated about GTHP than me. That is saying something! I completely understand. I am very discouraged about this stock but I have decided to hold until September 30th. At this point, I feel I have no choice. If GTHP misses the deadline of September 30th (Mark latest suggested deadline?) to get FDA approval I will finally give up on GTHP. Great technology but it seems management is incompetent at best. It is really sad that this amazing technology will be wasted due to Mark's inability to get anything done. I am so frustrated I was ready to dump my position several times.... At this point I will suck it up until September 30th.

      • Sometimes I wonder if Mark received the FDA approval notice last year but decided not to tell us about it because we're always complaining about what an #$%$ he is.

        Rub it in our faces Mark!

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