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  • mwalk65 mwalk65 Mar 6, 2014 11:55 AM Flag

    This board is full of impatient

    I want it now, can't wait, babbling incoherently crybaby's. Way to funny. Refer to the past article about
    unmet needs of women around the world and maybe patience will be rewarded.
    "We believe that the results of this new clinical study, to be presented to the leading cervical cancer experts from around the world, will further validate LuViva’s future role in improving the diagnosis of cervical cancer in women across the globe", anybody who doesn't believe the company knows what the presenters will allude too? I am sold on the possibilities of Luviva and have put my $$$$$$$ in the company and am patient enough to wait and feel I have made a good investment.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • dude most of us know what we're doing and what this company is and can be. A few of us have tried to help the one lad to no avail yet. Yet! I betcha the patents alone are worth a bundle. And around 78M shares fully diluted as I recall, in that area.

    • Thanks. I just bought yesterday.(4k) And plan to add if it breaks through the 52 week low. So if this all works out with LuViva sometime soon, what range do you see this stock going in the next 3 years? We all know there is only .51 cents to the downside.

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      • I literally do not know, not to say $.52 is a cheap price but it sure does not sound expensive considering the potential of Luviva. I like companies with fda submissions that pose a very real possibility of validation. There are so many diseases that technology is catching onto making inroads all the time. Example is edap (I have mentioned before) they locate localized prostate cancer
        and toast the cancer cells with heat, no radical surgery no radiation, sounds like a winner to me just as Luviva does for women the edap system does for men.
        If the upcoming presentation can shed some light on how accurate Luviva is and keep the cost reasonable we have a winner somewhere down the road, until then one has to place his bets and wait. The word "wait" looms large when playing in the biggest casino in the world.

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